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The DWP have confirmed that they will not change their decision to refuse to provide information on vulnerable claimant deaths. As a result the issue has, once again, been referred to the Information Commissioner’s Office(ICO).

Disability News Service discovered last year that the DWP had carried out secret reviews into the deaths of 49 claimants. The DWP have refused to publish details of those reviews.

In June of this year Benefits and Work made a freedom of information request asking:

a) How many of the 49 claimants whose deaths were peer reviewed were ESA claimants who were, or had recently been, on the work programme.

b) How many of these were deemed to be vulnerable claimants in relation to ‘safeguarding’ procedures.

However, while the DWP admit that they hold this information, they refuse to hand it over.

We asked for a review of the decision. But the DWP repeatedly missed deadlines and ignored our emails.

It was only when we took the matter to the ICO that the DWP carried out a review of their decision. The result of this review was a confirmation that they would not give us the information.

Benefits and Work has once again asked the ICO for a ruling on this issue.

We’ll keep readers informed.


0 #3 jima1 2015-10-04 19:36
Pardon me for being so frank but the petition on IDS is doomed to failure because he knows something about Cameron which we don't, and the press can't get it becauses it's been buried

Also, petitions to Parliament get 6.4 million signatories each year, yet only a handful get any further. I speak from personal experience.

See : bbc.co.uk/.../...
+3 #2 claimant 2015-09-29 23:46
hi everyone, we still need more support for this petition...ever y tiny bit helps...please have a look....love bottle.

+5 #1 shell 2015-09-29 17:24
guilty as far as I am concerned that is how you would be treated every where else in life including the courts wonder how far you would get if I refused to give them information when requested and told them to put a request into the office of freedom of information

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