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The proportion of personal independence (PIP) appeals that are won by the claimant has risen to 60% according to the latest official figures. The number of PIP appeals is also increasing rapidly.

The appeal statistics for July to September 2015 show that PIP appeals now account for 38% of all social security appeals. The number of PIP appeals has been steadily increasing - from 2,145 in July to September 2014 to 13,568 in the most recent quarter.

Employment Support Allowance (ESA) accounted for 36% of the total social security appeals lodged in July to September 2015 and saw a 26% increase from 10,357 in the same period in 2014 to 13,020 in the current quarter.

The success rate for social security appeals varies widely depending on the benefit.

58% of ESA cases are won by the claimant, 55% of DLA cases, 40% of Job Seekers Allowance cases and 24% of Housing/Council Tax benefit cases.

PIP claimants won in 60% of cases from July to September 2015, up from 56% in the previous quarter.

The proportion of successful PIP appeals has increased with every quarter since the benefit was introduced.

You can download the latest PIP appeal statistics from this link.


#10 Shaun 2016-01-04 09:42
I put in for higher rate pip on lower wait iam on nebulizer 4 times a day 3 inhalers to and steroids witch I get the shakes iam in a support group for esa
#9 NEEMO0805 2015-12-16 17:26
As a first time claimaint, I had an advisor of a community centre fill my forms and mandatory reconsideration , but unfortunately it has gne to appeal. I am stressed and preparing for the hearing, as my advisor said that the Panel will be more lenient if I am not accompanied by a legal rep, and aoral hearing has more chance of success. Unfortunately I was NOT PREPARED AT ALL AT MY ASSESSMENT, and I never thought o go online to get guidance and advice. I am sure if I had more knowledge and had found Benefit and Work , I would have been awarded with first time decision. This site has sooo much invaluable information which has reassured me. If my appeal is unsuccessful, I will apply again and again, I know know what changes can be made in order to increase chances of success. As it will be my first time in my life facing a Judge, I think I will have to put it out there to them , convince them enough that I meet the criteras. It is silly the kind of aids they hav suggested. sock grapper to reuce bending down, I ask what about assistance with my trousers/pants, is there and aid to help with that? no. I require my 10 year old daughter or husband to help me. A perched stool for cooking,?! SERIOUSLY, being on MST, CODEINE, GABAPENTIN, would you consider me safe in my kitchen with lack of response and concentration. I believe this is sad, DWP would happily let me near open flames whilst off my head with drugs. DWP should have decision makers that have some sort of medical condition or disability, only then, they will be able to relate our ongoing problems, issues and difficulties.
It is such a shame, and CARRUTERS, you are absolutely spot on, if DWP felt the hand in their pockets, for cost of claimants going to Tribunals, they would seriously consider the consequences of their decisions.
+1 #8 MyelopathicMe 2015-12-16 15:53
Hi there. I am pleased to say that I have won 2 tribunals so far. The first one was for myself back in 2013 for ESA - I went from 0 points and being placed in the WRAG group to 15 points being awarded at tribunal & being put into the Support Group where I remain to this day, fingers crossed.
The second one was last week.I accompanied my now 17 year old son to his tribunal. He is permanently unilaterally deaf & has been for over 10 years due to childhood ear infections. Winning was never going to be easy because the DWP didn't consider him deaf enough. We never knew he was eligible for DLA - no-one ever told us until he was 15 (and that was only because of my WRAG advisor telling me!). We applied & he was awarded standard rate mobility for 1 year back in 2014. I received a disability element for him via Child Tax Credits. But then he was transferred to PIP - losing out on 2 months of DLA whilst the CTC disability ekement was stopped :-( in the process & he only received 3 points in total so he lost out totally. At tribunal he was awarded 9 points from June 2015 entitling him to standard rate care for 2 years. Obviously we are both over the moon. But I totally agree - there should be some penalty for the DWP as all these tribunal hearings must add up. I now await the results of my PIP assessment with dread, hoping above hope that I don't have to go to tribunal a 3rd time. But my overall message is - it can be done. You can win, but it is gruelling so get as much help as you can - from this website & others. Good luck x
#7 deeq 2015-12-16 14:19
i am currently awaiting for the set aside for permision to appeal is this the same as setting aside to a tribunal
#6 Rustyk 2015-12-15 09:17
Where can I find on this site definitive guidance on preparing for a tribunal appeal re PIP
+2 #5 Paul M Cronk 2015-12-14 10:05
Which all goes to prove both the ESA and the PIP assessments are totally flawed and should be abandoned immediately! But, of course not because neither the Government nor the DWP give a four leter word what happens to Ill and Disabled People. They're just out to stop as manly receiving Benefits as they can!!
+2 #4 tintack 2015-12-14 00:30
Quoting carruthers:
Daily Mail reporting?

The Donald Trump campaign?

Indeed - such is the level of deliberately misleading drivel which is now par for the course at the DWP.

It's enough to make you wonder if senior DWP staff were headhunted from Fox News. Their propaganda certainly brings to mind Fox's trademark concept of what "fair and balanced" means.
+5 #3 carruthers 2015-12-13 12:44
[quote name="tintack
Is there any industry in which error rates of this magnitude would be considered remotely acceptable?
Daily Mail reporting?

The Donald Trump campaign?
+5 #2 tintack 2015-12-12 16:57
58% of ESA cases are won by the claimant, 55% of DLA cases, 40% of Job Seekers Allowance cases and 24% of Housing/Council Tax benefit cases.

PIP claimants won in 60% of cases from July to September 2015, up from 56% in the previous quarter.
Is there any industry in which error rates of this magnitude would be considered remotely acceptable?
+9 #1 carruthers 2015-12-11 09:24
Does the cost of an appeal come out of the DWP budget?

It should. If the DWP can turn down a claim for PIP, then reject it after Mandatory Reconsideration only to have it re-instated - all without the delay costing them anything, then they have no incentive to getting the decision right in the first place.

Indeed, the logic of the cost-benefit analysis would be that they should turn down everyone. Some people would be so put off by the process that they wouldn't claim. Some would appeal and lose. Some would appeal, lose and the go to Upper Tribunal and still lose. Some would win. All these chances of denying benefit and what does it cost the DWP.

If the thousands of pounds it costs to have an appeal go through came out of the DWP's own budget, then perhaps they would have an incentive to avoid going to appeal.

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