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The DWP is fighting to prevent disclosure of a report that shows how well Maximus is managing to carry out its work capability assessment contract, for fear it would damage the company’s reputation.

A request for a copy of the outcome report, which would give a breakdown of Maximus’ performance at each assessment centre has been ordered to be released by the Information Commissioner.

However, the DWP are refusing to publish it and are now taking the case to an information tribunal.

The report goes all the way back to 2011, covering the performance of both Atos and Maximus.

The DWP claim that if the information was published it could ‘give a perception of under-performance’ which could ‘damage the reputation and standing of the companies involved’.

The DWP are thus claiming that the data is exempt from disclosure because publishing it could damage the commercial interests of both Maximus and Atos, as well as the DWP itself.

We’ll keep readers posted about the result of the information tribunal hearing.

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