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The Disability News Service (DNS) is reporting that the number of complaints about personal independence payment (PIP) assessments rose by nearly 900% in the course of a single year.

Figures obtained by MPs, and cited by DNS, show that the number of complaints went up from 142 in 2015-16 to 1,391 in 2016-17.

The number of complaints that were upheld in the same period rose from 67 to 545.

There was not a corresponding rise in the number of PIP assessments completed over the same period, suggesting either that something has changed in the way assessments are carried out or that claimants are now much more willing to make a formal complaint.

DNS have been carrying out an investigation into PIP assessments and have now heard from 250 claimants who say that their assessment reports were dishonest.

The allegations involve both Capita and Atos staff.

You can read the full story on the DNS website.


#3 Geoff Ingram 2018-05-04 11:45
I should start by saying that the following information is from my own personal experience, and action I've taken after biased assessments - I don't have any specialist training - only a hatred of bias & injustice!

It's incredibly important to register an official complaint about the assessors (or DWP Decision Makers) if you feel they have misrepresented or fabricated facts, which seems to be a widespread occurrence. When going for an assessment, ask for the nurses' PIN number (or Registration Number for physio's etc.) Write this down along with their name. There are details on this site about how to make complaints, but keep it rational & point by point & copy it to both the DWP & to Capita etc if it is about the person who assessed you.
You can also look at the code of practice & complaints procedure with the Regulators (on http://www.hcpc-uk.org/ for physios/OT's and www.nmc.org.uk - Nursing & Midwifery Council). Here's a paragraph from the latter's code of conduct (which is on their web site) to give you an idea of their professional responsibilities:
[] "10.3 complete all records accurately and without any falsification,t aking immediate and appropriate action if you become aware that someone has not kept to these requirements"
If they falsify records & lie about things that happened at assessment, they could potentially lose their license to practice, so it is important to complain if you think that is the case.

It's incredibly difficult to take on the DWP as a whole, but a large increase in people complaining about the bias and unprofessional behaviour of their assessors & decision makers would show up in the DWP statistics & make it a "hostile environment' for practitioners who are encouraged to be economical with the truth.
+1 #2 sunamm 2017-11-23 18:59
At a face-to-face I was ostensibly observed [escorted] to walk from the reception to the consultation room. On the report I was observed to have walked the walk @ 'approximately 30M' and being subject to the DWP 20M rule [reduction] I went back and had it surveyed and, low-and-behold they had hiked the 'approximation' up from an actual 20M to the Atos version so that I would lose my mobility car. My case, overall, in now with the Independant Complaints people; it will take well over a year and Atos has already changed its identity to IAS - approximately!
+2 #1 Susan 2017-11-07 21:20
A Medical Face to Face Assessment made for my Nephew, turned out to be pure fabrication. With the word assume and "he can drive" so he can walk to the car. " He has a degree" so he is not dyslexic. THe assessor assumed that my Nephew had attended the Medical on his own, drove his car. My husband had to drive him there, because my Nephews meds restricted his driving. That the information on my Nephews apllication form was not that which is expected, because he has a degree in physchology therefore he cannot be depressed. and on and on. Basically the times the assessor intimated the Application was erroneous was mind boggling.

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