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Minister for disabled people, Sarah Newton, has told MPS in an emergency debate this week that there will be no face-to-face reassessments and nobody will have their benefits cut as a result of 1.6 million PIP claims being checked.

News that all 1.6 million claims are to be reviewed has caused widespread concern amongst claimants.

Many fear that a review could lead to their award being reduced rather than increased.

However, in a debate on 30 January Newton told MPs:

“Nobody is going to be called in for a face-to-face assessment, and nobody is going to have money taken away from them.”

The degree to which claimants are reassured will depend on the degree to which they believe government ministers are telling the truth.

You can read the whole debate here


#5 Pauline Stephen 2018-02-14 21:31
“Nobody is going to be called in for a face-to-face assessment, and nobody is going to have money taken away from them.”
THEN Why am I having a face to face assessment next week following my reassessment PIPrenewal
#4 Eardstapa 2018-02-14 11:42
Sarah Newton: "We therefore do not yet have an estimate of how long it will take."

According to the DWP official who saw my son and I last week (to decide another matter), she's been told it will take 3-5 years to review relevant PIP claims. She also said she's been told "the scope of the review" is yet to be decided and "no decision has been taken on back payments". Rather at odds with the Minister's statement!

Incidentally, one thing that amazes me about the entire system is that it's open to interpretation by different officials. Two years ago, a DWP official who visited us told us we had to do certain things by a specific date, so we duly started the process as the date approached. A different official came out and said, "oh, no, that's not the case at all".

When we described the previous official (and her view that certain developmental disabilities aren't real), the new official said "oh yes, I know who you mean, but she's retired now so things will be a bit different". The new official also said a number of other clients had reported similar experiences.

Anyway, we've managed to complicate things thanks to having my son diagnosed with a further condition. Even though he's already receiving Enhanced Rate PIP, a decision needs to be made as to whether he continues to get it on the previous basis (compounded by the "new" condition), if it needs to be changed to an award on the basis of the new condition (compounded by his other conditions), or if it needs to be changed on the basis of the overall combination of conditions. For us, all that matters is that he keeps getting it as it pays for support that the NHS no longer provides due to "resource constraints".

The entire system is dysfunctional.
+5 #3 morgandlin 2018-02-05 16:10
It’s time for those chains, with adequate medical proof, from doctors and consultants, to be assessed by that.

PIP and ESA claim failures have confirmed that non qualified (in specific fields) HCPs giving their opinions doesnt actually work, especially when they are trying to meet failure.targets.

The government need to admit the whole thing is failing, and get back to a workable and fair system.
+1 #2 Appletart 2018-02-03 22:47
So how will it work if someone is waiting for an appeal date after getting 0 -points? If the mobility is reinstated, is the appeal cancelled? If not then the appeal will be just for care?
+1 #1 Elisa 2018-02-02 16:23
Because I felt like torturing myself i am reading through the questions and gubbins. Then I saw this. Now PIP is not a work benefit so i am not sure what she is implying but surly she should be picked up on this.

Drew Hendry (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey) (SNP)

By no means an isolated case in my constituency, one of my constituents in Drumnadrochit, despite being clinically assessed with mental health issues, was marked as a fail for a mandatory assessment. That has exacerbated the conditions that she suffers from, and also the pain that she has to endure daily. How will the Minister ensure that my constituent gets the urgent help and review that she needs and deserves?

Sarah Newton
I thank the hon. Gentleman for raising that constituency case and I would be delighted to meet him to review it.​
I would sound a word of caution. I have met many people who would be described as having severe mental health problems, who play a really full part in their community and also work. We have put a lot of money into supporting innovative programmes that enable people with mental health problems to manage those conditions, so that they can stay in work. I have met people who have told me that the work we are doing has literally saved their lives. I have met consultants who have told me that they would never have believed that people with such severe mental health conditions could be so well supported to play their full part in society, including work. Each person is unique and each person’s needs must be assessed individually.

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