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Complaints made to the Independent Case Examiner (ICE) about the DWP will not be looked into for almost 18 months, a Benefits and Work member has discovered.

Our member’s complaint against the DWP dates back to the summer of 2016.

Having exhausted the DWP’s complaints procedure our member then lodged a complaint with ICE in January 2018.

However, he was informed in a letter from ICE last month that they are currently only just beginning work on complaints lodged with them in November 2016.

This means that it is likely to be almost a year and a half before our member’s complaint begins to be investigated by ICE. And it could be well over four years since the original complaint to the DWP before a ruling by ICE is made.

The extraordinarily long wait sits uneasily with the latest statistics from ICE, released in January 2018. These claim that in the last quarter of 2018, 72% of complaints were resolved within 8 weeks of accepting them for examination.

However, figures given by Penny Mordaunt last October suggest a massive rise in complaints to the DWP about PIP assessments. They rose from 142 in the year from April 2015 up to 1,391 in the year from April 2016.

A proportion of these complaints may now be working their way through the ICE complaints system, causing an increasing backlog.

We’d be very interested to hear about other members experience of making complaints against the DWP. Please post your comments below.


#4 neil 2019-06-17 18:38
I have 2 ongoing complaints being investigated by ice, one for the maximus assessor for lying on tape to what she put on paper, filed july 2018 to be looked at november 2019, the other complaint ice are dealing with is the immoral letter they sent my gp insisting not to issue fit notes as they found me fit for work after the fact i had put in my appeal which according to their own rules i should be issued with fit notes whilst waiting for my appeal, filed november 2019, to be looked at may 2020.
#3 Clare 2019-04-08 09:22
how on eath hold dwp to account at my pip claim dwp failec tp sent correct mr notice , so my appesl. agaiinst this , my local c.a.b use the new online appeal website of hmrc , yet no help to hold dwp to account in stop my dla
#2 AngieB 2018-04-11 12:36
I submitted my complaint to ICE about my PIP assessment in July 2016 and have just received the preliminary response.
#1 angusrobertson 2018-04-11 12:14
I.C.E have way over 2,000 complaints from 1950's born women complaining about theft of FIVE years of State OAP. due to 1995 Pensions Act. Another wave of complaints are growing from men and women born in the 1950's robbed of a further year of OAP by the Pensions Act, 2011. Complaints are growing, supported by WASPI Groups. Many of us writing to M.P.s and DWP Ministers re delay.

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