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The testing of video recording of PIP assessments goes live this month, the government has announced. At the same time they also claimed that customer satisfaction with PIP has skyrocketed to almost 90% and appeal rates are falling.

Sarah Newton, minister for disabled people, health and work, told MPs last week that:

There has been a 15% drop in the number of PIP appeals.

The customer satisfaction rating for PIP has risen from 76% to 87%.

PIP assessments consistently meet their quality target, which is over 90%.

As Benefits and Work revealed last year, an extraordinary 56% of Capita’s and 30% of Atos’ PIP assessments were found to be unacceptable - until the DWP changed the criteria in 2016 and the figures dramatically improved.

And as we discovered this year, PIP customer satisfaction surveys are based on a single question being put to claimants by telephone in a process that is not anonymous and is almost certainly carried out before the claimant has their PIP result, when most would prefer not to upset the assessor or the DWP.

In spite of this wealth of apparently positive data, the minister went on to say that:

“I am pleased to say, however, that our plans for the video recording of the assessments are going very well, and the live testing trial will start later this month.”

Benefits and Work is still not aware of any research which supports the idea that PIP claimants would prefer video recording of assessments to the less obtrusive audio recording.

At this stage we also don’t know whether claimants will have the option to have the cameras switched off and sound only to be recorded.

We will keep readers informed as more information becomes available.

We’d be very pleased to hear from anyone who finds themselves involved in the PIP assessment video testing.


#6 Jessica Card 2020-10-07 14:44
Please could someone direct me to the print out request form/letter template so I can request a copy of the audio recording of my assessment please? They did the assessment with my lead practitioner and not me and I’d like to hear exactly what was said from both parties.
+1 #5 kris 2018-11-28 14:18
I'm the same as 'TwistedWitch', audio recording is fine, video recording is not. It's far too invasive. I'd go as far as to liken it to abuse. Also do we get to keep a copy and what safeguards are in place to avoid sharing? Would it be acceptable to wear a ski mask during the recordings? Turn around so ones back faces the camera?

What they don't understand is that many people have serious and complex mental health issues. Sticking a camera in your face is totally unacceptable. I know this world has gone selfi crazy, but I refuse to have my photo taken let alone being video recorded.

Mind you, it could work in our favour - in my case the interrogator was extremely abusive (threatening multiple times to fail the interview and refuse me PIP if I didn't perform to her expectations), so recording might stop the abuse being thrown at us.

As for "Customer satisfaction" I certainly wasn't satisfied, neither with the interrogation nor my award, but i couldn't face an appeals process so had little choice other than to accept my "award". :angry:
#4 BigYin 2018-11-28 13:22
Will the DWP bring video recording equipment to peoples homes and will they allow claimants to video record as well as audio record home assessments if they wish?
#3 TwistedWitch 2018-11-28 13:11
I appear to have had a decent assessor at my recent F2F for PIP, although as I have not yet received a decision I might be jumping the gun there. However, as I was getting up to leave, because I had recorded my interview I asked her opinion on video recordings and she said she thought it was immoral! She also said that if they go ahead with it she would be leaving. Now that could, of course, be because she doesn't want video evidence of her mistreating someone or putting something on the final account that actually never happened. I did think though that she meant from the claimants point of view, and not her own self preservation. That being the case, it would be a shame if the few 'decent' assessors they have upped and left because they also felt it was immoral to videotape someone discussing their very personal bowel habits etc.

From a purely personal viewpoint, I was happy to audio record my assessment, although more for my own peace of mind as I have a poor memory, particularly when under stress, but video tape? NO SIR NO WAY. That would increase my anxiety levels a hundred fold.

How do we know we won't end up dumped in a skip somewhere for someone to have fun publishing on youtube or some other platform to publicly embarrass us!
#2 Porridge 2018-11-26 15:53
Make sure you wear your best pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns then to your next interrogation!
#1 Waylay 2018-11-23 00:37
I bet this is at least partially because they offer people awards just before their tribunals...

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