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Amber Rudd is to announce that claimants of pensionable age will no longer face reassessment for personal independence payment (PIP), according to press reports today.

Rudd is due to make her first speech on disability benefits today and the press have been briefed that she will announce that:

“Disabled pensioners have paid into our system for their whole lives and deserve the full support of the state when they need it most.

“This government therefore intends to change the landscape for disabled people in Britain: to level the terrain and smooth their path.

“The changes I am setting out today, including stopping unnecessary reassessments for disabled pensioners, are a step forward in improving quality of life for the UK’s 14 million disabled people.”

There are also suggestions that Rudd will announce a pilot scheme to combine PIP assessments with work capability assessments for employment and support allowance.

We’ll have more on this story as it unfolds.


#10 linda drake 2019-04-10 15:32
today i have been told about a form to complete in order to get my appeal looked at due to circumstances by way of urgent has anyone else had this offer
+2 #9 peter 2019-03-21 10:08
im 70 and got to go for a pip review on the 23rd march ,im on high rate, so its not true pensioners will be sparred
#8 Kateb 2019-03-13 16:07
Quoting ben1:
Client 66yr old still,on DLA not been asked to apply for pip
What now ?

I’m in the same position, i’ve been told by an independent advisor that I will not now have to apply for PIP since I am now receiving my pienaion. Can anyone throw any light on this?
#7 lesley 2019-03-12 16:33
Recently a local day centre which is sponsored by Age UK started to charge for its services. I have cut and paste the charges from their web site.
"The day rates paid by Adult Social Care currently vary from £25 to £65 depending on the level of need". I think it £65 for anyone suffering from Alzheimer's or age related dementia.
Have never been a member, nor do I wish to be, but according to a local newspaper, the manager at the time, resigned in protest to these charges.
Members will need all their D.L.A/P.I.P. to pay for these outrageous charges.
#6 ben1 2019-03-05 16:41
Client 66yr old still,on DLA not been asked to apply for pip
What now ?
#5 morgandlin 2019-03-05 15:48
It is sensible to avoid retesting pensioners, most of whom will not get any fitter.

However, the reports coming from Scotland saying they want to combine DLA/PIP for those of working age with any Universal Credit claim they make does suggest more chaos in 2021.
#4 Telestar 2019-03-05 15:23
Will this affect pensioners who are still on DLA and as they became pensioners after 2013 are due to have to apply for PIP at sometime in future.
+2 #3 mrfibrospondodysthmatic 2019-03-05 14:59
Another pile of bullscheisse from the Tories. Guess they are after the pension voters for the next GE.

Why not stop all PIP re-assessments for the disabled who have reached 60 years of age not 65, or 66 or 67.

Most more likely due to existing and further illnesses, and stress caused by the DWP many wont make it to a pensionable age. Even though most have worked and paid into the system all of their lives too. A sensible age would be stop all reassessment's at 60.

Also why isn't RUDD stopping the continuation of WCA ESA re-assessments, fully knowing that these people/ claimants especially in the SG are not workable, and have many years of scientific evidence supported from specialists, and GP's alike. Supporting the claimants long history of illnesses. Stating that the patient is unable or will not be fit for work again. Its beggars belief.
+1 #2 capainFAIRY 2019-03-05 12:46
How nice that they are thinking of doing something for the pensioners. Pensioners do of course have a great electorial presence at the booth. Is this to sweeten any Brexit in or out deal that will hurt pensioners in their pocket? How they justify all their nonsense is beyond me, roll on the next general election x
+2 #1 buster 2019-03-05 11:46
Week after week this government seemingly come up with new ideas - all the time in an attempt to make changes to the benefits system. Virtually all of their ideas so far have failed massively due to hidden motives that serve to make people even more destitute and impoverished - and without justification or reason. Usually their ideas/decisions are overturned in the courts because they have acted illegally.

This week alone; the government has announced a cut in Pension Credit which will "save" £45 million over the next year - affecting 15,000 of the poorest pensioners in the UK. Whilst on the same day, they announced/admit ted they would have to pay Eurotunnel £35 million this year in compensation for a shambolic botched secretive Brexit deal involving a shipping company who don't even have any ships!

Surely as a society we shouldn't be throwing away millions of pounds so recklessly whilst at the same time making thousands of pensioners even poorer? Including forcing many pensioners for the first time, to have to pay the Bedroom Tax - which will be another consequence of these cruel and crazy Pension Credit changes!

When will this madness end?


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