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Claimants are winning PIP and ESA appeals at the highest rate ever recorded, according to the latest Tribunals Service statistics, released last week.

Overall, an extraordinary 70% of social security appeals are successful, with the claimant getting a better award than they originally received from the DWP.

The success rates for benefits include:

  • ESA 74%
  • PIP 73%
  • DLA 66%
  • UC 58%

The success rate for PIP is up 4% on a year ago, whilst the success rate for ESA has risen 5%

The number of appeals is down, however.

ESA appeals are down by 42% compared to a year ago, although much of this is due to the introduction of universal credit.

PIP appeals are also down, this time by 14% compared to a year ago. This may, in part, be due to a slow down in the transfer of claimants from DLA to pip.

Overall, social security and child support appeals are down 19% on a year ago.

The time it takes for appeals to be dealt with is rising, however, is spite of a diminishing caseload.

The mean length of time for a case to be dealt with has risen to 30 weeks, up from 24 weeks a year ago.

You can read the full tribunal statistics here.


0 #1 Irene 2019-03-27 15:51
My appeal was postponed by the judges, as I disagreed with the first statement they read out about my mobility. I had saught advice from my local advice centre and was told that as long as I could put one foot in front of the other, I would not get 12 points for mobility and the only chance I had of appealing was to dispute planning and following a route. I said at the appeal I was not happy that I only got 10 points for mobility,as this meant I would still not be able to qualify for a car. and they suggested the postponement to gather more evidence. They insisted that this would be to my benefit. I have now recived documents asking me to provide a google map of how far I claim I can walk. with a warning on the bottom stating I could loose any benefit I currently get if I continue with my appeal. I am confused. Why did they emphasise it was to my benefit to postpone. Where they trying to tell me not to go any further, or continue. IWorried sick about what I am to do. I previously had mobility high rate indefinately, had never claimed for care, but was given low rate benefit following assessment, but nothing for mobility, the 10 points were given following a request for a review. I have numerous conditions, degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic kidney disease, depression, IBS, urinary urgency, hypertension and arthritis in knees . Could you please advice what I should do.

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