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PLEASE NOTE, When you are assessing yourself, the law says that you only count as being able to do something if you can do it safely; to an acceptable standard; repeatedly and in a reasonable time period. Guidance also says that 'pain, fatigue, breathlessness, nausea and motivation' should all be taken into account.
Daily living

1. Preparing food

For example, you may need supervision because you are easily distracted, so you start to cook a meal but then become hyper-focused on something else, leaving pans to burn or food to get cold in the microwave.  

Procrastination linked to ADHD may mean you keep putting off preparing food until you are so hungry that you just eat whatever is quickest, like a bowl of cereal, so you need prompting to prepare a meal.

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2. Taking nutrition

For example, you may need an aid such as an alarm function on your phone to remind you to eat and drink regularly.

Due to a short attention span or becoming easily distracted, you may struggle to finish a meal unless someone prompts you to eat it.

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3. Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition

For example, you may take your medication, but because your attention is elsewhere you may forget you have done so and take a second dose unless you are supervised whenever taking medication. 

You may be resistant to taking your medication and so do not comply with the instructions from your doctor unless someone prompts and encourages you.

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4. Washing and bathing

For example, you might wash or bathe but not to an acceptable standard because, for example, you have a shower but forget to use soap unless someone is supervising you.

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5. Managing toilet needs or incontinence

For example, because of ADHD you may need supervision to manage toilet needs because you frequently forget to wipe yourself, flush the toilet or wash your hands, so you are not completing the activity to a reasonable standard.

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6. Dressing and undressing

For example, your ADHD may mean you need prompting to undress at night or you will just sleep in the clothes you are wearing.

You may act impulsively when dressing, meaning you put on clothing without thinking whether it is clean or suitable. You may need someone to prompt you to pick something appropriate.

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7. Communicating

For example, you may become distracted during speaking or listening so that you cannot follow a conversation adequately without help from someone who knows you well.

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8. Reading and understanding signs, symbols and words

For example, you may take more than twice as long to read a sentence or short piece of text than someone without ADHD because of difficulties with visual processing, language processing, short-term working memory or concentration. 

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9. Engaging with other people face to face

For example, you may be able to engage socially with others but only in a very specific context, such as when undertaking a hobby you are interested in.  If you still need help in other contexts, you could score points for this PIP activity.

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10. Making budgeting decisions

For example, your ADHD may mean that you often make impulse purchases without considering whether this will prevent you paying important bills.

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Mobility activities

11. Planning and following journeys

For example, concentration issues might prevent you from processing the information in a bus or train timetable.  You might need support to do this.

Lack of concentration and impulsivity may mean that you cannot safely drive a car without another person being present.

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12. Moving around

We don't know of a reason why your condition would affect this activity. But you may know of one or you may have another condition which is relevant.

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