Claim PIP for Fibromyalgia

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PLEASE NOTE, When you are assessing yourself, the law says that you only count as being able to do something if you can do it safely; to an acceptable standard; repeatedly and in a reasonable time period. Guidance also says that 'pain, fatigue, breathlessness, nausea and motivation' should all be taken into account.
Daily living

1. Preparing food

For example, Fibro fog or the effects of poor sleep may mean that you sometimes forget that you are cooking and so leave pans to burn, meaning that it is not safe for you to cook unsupervised.

Extreme fatigue may mean that you are unable to cook even if you have help or that you would be so tired after doing so once that you would not be able to prepare food as often as is reasonably necessary.

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2. Taking nutrition

For example, you may have difficulty cutting up food because of pain, fatigue or stiffness in your hands.

You may not have any appetite for food because of stomach pain, bloating or nausea and so need prompting or supervision to eat and drink.

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3. Managing therapy or monitoring a health condition

For example, you may need someone to prompt, supervise or help you whilst you do physical therapy to help with strength or stamina. 

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4. Washing and bathing

For example, because of restricted movement, stiffness or fatigue, you may need to use an aid to wash and bathe such as a shower seat, handrails or a long-handled brush.

Someone might have to prompt you to wash because of low mood, forgetfulness or fatigue. 

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5. Managing toilet needs or incontinence

For example, pain, fatigue and stiffness may make it difficult for you sit down or rise from sitting from the toilet without supervision or help.  Or you might need to use everyday items to help you, such as holding on to the radiator to help you rise from the toilet.

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6. Dressing and undressing

For example, Fibro fog may prevent you from making appropriate choices of clothing to suit the time of day or the weather, so you need prompting.

You may be able to dress yourself in the morning, but extreme fatigue means that you cannot undress or put on nightclothes at the end of the day without help.

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7. Communicating

For example, you may be unable to express complex information because of fibro fog and the effects of your medication.

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8. Reading and understanding signs, symbols and words

For example, fatigue and Fibro fog may make it difficult for you to follow written information, leading to you having to read it repeatedly and taking more than twice as long as someone without fibromyalgia.

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9. Engaging with other people face to face

For example, low self-esteem resulting from the effects of fibromyalgia may make you too self-conscious to mix with other people without support, or you may become so overwhelmingly distressed at the thought of meeting people that you are unable to do it at all.

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10. Making budgeting decisions

For example, poor concentration or low mood may mean you need prompting or help to manage your household budget.

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Mobility activities

11. Planning and following journeys

For example, low mood or anxiety may make you reluctant to start a journey and you may need someone to prompt and encourage you to leave the house.

You may suffer sudden and extreme episodes of fatigue which prevent you continuing your journey, this may make it unsafe for you to follow even a familiar route without someone with you.

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12. Moving around

For example, even if you can move a certain distance once, you may be so exhausted that you would not be able to do so again for many hours and so cannot do it as often as is reasonably required.

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