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Do you need to understand more about PIP?

Our step-by-step guides have been helping claimants get the correct award ever since PIP was introduced back in 2013.

But sometimes you need something more than a guide to your own claim.

Which is why we’ve been working for many months now to create PIP training courses that are effective, easy to use and affordable for claimants, carers and small charities, alike.

And judging by the feedback we’ve had from volunteers who have tried them out, we’ve succeeded.

“Well rounded, informative and clear. Brilliant.”

“An essential course for anyone completing a PIP2 form.”

“An excellent learning tool”

You might be a professional who supports service users with PIP claims.

Or perhaps you’re a claimant and you’ve found yourself helping friends, relatives or other claimants with completing the PIP2 ‘How your disability affects you’ form.

Maybe you regularly answer PIP queries on forums.

Or there could be a particular aspect of PIP, such as reliability, which is vital to your claim and you want to be certain you understand it completely.


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Try our on-demand elearning

Our invaluable PIP elearning modules cover some of the most important and challenging aspects of PIP regulations.

They allow you to understand the topics in-depth and to test your learning with interactive quizzes.

You can watch videos as often as you need, redo exercises and retake quizzes until you are certain you understand the subject.

And we’ve ensured that on every page there’s a discussion box where we guarantee you will get an answer to any question you might have about the training, so you’ll never be left confused or uncertain.

Our on-demand modules currently cover the following topics:

  • Introduction To PIP
  • The 'How Your Disability Affects You' Form
  • Attending The Assessment
  • Aids And Appliances
  • Reliability And Fluctuating Conditions
  • PIP Mobility And Mental Health


The modules are available as individual modules or in a bundle, with different pricing for claimants, professionals and groups of professionals.

And just like the guides, our elearning comes with a no-quibble money-back guarantee. If the training isn’t right for you, just contact us within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.

What’s more, if you purchase a single module and then go on to buy the whole bundle within one month, just contact us and we’ll refund the cost of the first module.

Claimants and carers

Claimants and carers can purchase individual modules for £7.50 each.

Or the bundle of 6 modules for just £34.

And, better still, if you are a Benefits and Work member, you can pick up a 20% discount code from the PIP members page.

This brings the prices down to £6.00 and £27.20

Mobility and mental health course image


If you are purchasing the training for your work, the cost of individual modules is £19.50 and the full bundle costs £95.00.

The 20% off coupon on the PIP members page will bring the prices down to £15.60 and £76.00.

As a professional member you will receive a personal certificate for each module you complete.

certificate of completion image

Professionals Plus

If you organisation would like up to 5 training places, our Professional Plus membership costs just £245.

With the members’ discount it’s just £196.00 for training for 5 staff members.

Find out more about our on-demand elearning modules and get started today.