Moving from ESA to UC

This will depend upon your circumstances. If they do not change, then you can remain on your current legacy benefits and you will be invited to apply for UC by the DWP at some stage between May 9th 2022 and 2028, based on current timescales, but these are subject to change. This is a process called “managed migration”.

However, in the meantime, if your circumstances change in a way which would previously have resulted in you making a new claim for one of the legacy benefits that UC replaces, then you will need to claim UC instead. At this point, your entitlement to ESA and any other legacy benefits and tax credits will end. This is a process called "natural migration".

 The DWP has been encouraging people to move to UC, known as 'voluntarily migration'.  You may be better off doing this, but be warned if you end up worse off you will not be entitled to transitional protection, whereas you would be if you are subject to managed migration.


What is Universal Credit natural migration?

If you have a change of circumstances that would usually lead to a claim for a different or additional “legacy” benefit, you may have to apply for UC at that point. This is called “natural migration” and some examples include:-

You move from work to unemployment or reduce your working pattern to less than 16 hours per week. Previously, you may have claimed income-based JSA, so you will now need to claim UC.

You move from unemployment to employment or self-employment. Previously you may have claimed Working Tax Credit, so you will now need to claim UC.

You are employed and experience sickness or a disability which means you are unable to work. Previously you may have claimed income-related ESA, so you will now need to claim UC.

You become responsible for a child for the first time. Previously you may have claimed CTC, so you will now need to claim UC. If you are already claiming WTC, you do not need to claim UC as you have an existing Tax Credit claim in place and it is not a new claim.

You receive Housing Benefit and move from one local authority to another. Previously you may have made a fresh HB claim in the new area, so you will now need to claim UC.

You receive Income Support but are no longer a carer or lone parent of a child under 5 so your entitlement to IS ends. Previously, you may have claimed income-based JSA, so you will now need to claim UC.

If you apply for UC as a result of natural migration, then your entitlement to legacy benefits stops straightaway, although you will continue to be paid Housing Benefit for 2 weeks. Your household income, savings and circumstances will be assessed under the new means-tested criteria for UC and you will not receive transitional income protection, so you will not be guaranteed to receive the same level of income as you were receiving under legacy benefits.


What is Universal Credit managed migration?

Between May 9th 2022 and  2028, the DWP is planning to move existing claimants of legacy benefits to UC through “managed migration”. You will be contacted by the DWP and told that your legacy benefits are ending and will be invited to apply for UC instead. If your UC is less than what you received under your previous legacy benefits, you will receive transitional protection to make up your UC to the level of your legacy benefits. 


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