In order to qualify for UC, you will have to meet certain work-related conditions and requirements. These are recorded in a claimant commitment and you must continue to meet these requirements to avoid sanctions and continue to receive your UC payment in full. To be entitled to UC, you (and your partner, if applicable) need to accept a claimant commitment which lists your responsibilities. These may include:

  • Work-related requirements
  • Warnings about sanctions
  • Duty to notify changes in circumstances

The work-related requirements you have to undertake will depend upon your individual circumstances.

If you are placed in the LCWRA group after the work capability assessment, then you will have no work-related requirements, much like the ESA Support Group. You will still need to sign a claimant commitment to confirm your duty to notify changes of circumstances.

If you are placed in the LCW group after the work capability assessment, then you will have a work-focused interview requirement and a work preparation requirement included in your claimant commitment.

If you apply for UC due to sickness or disability and you were not previously entitled to ESA, then, regardless of a GP’s fit note, you do not automatically count as having limited capability for work until you have had a work capability assessment. Until the outcome of this, you should make sure that your UC work coach knows how your illness affects what you can do and ask for their discretion in deciding what requirements you are subject to.

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