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Our new online webinars provide updates, information and tips on different welfare benefits. They are delivered live by our friendly and supportive staff and are designed to be informative and accessible, for you to take part and ask questions.

If you haven’t attended a webinar before it might seem confusing or daunting, so we hope the following instructions will make it easier.

How to register
Click on the link to the webinar you want to attend, fill in your first name and email address, and click ‘register now’.

All our upcoming webinars are listed on this page

Once you’ve registered
You will receive an email straight away with a link to view the webinar when it begins. You should also receive a reminder email 15 minutes before the webinar begins, but these do sometimes arrive late, so please don’t rely on it.

It is worth adding a link to your bookmarks or setting a reminder in your calendar if you are able to do this.

All our webinars are recorded, and we will email you a link to view the recording after.

How to join live
When the webinar is about to begin, all you need to do is click on the link you received in your registration or reminder email. This will take you to a webpage where you can watch the webinar.

Don’t forget to press the ‘play’ button to start the broadcast! If chat is turned on it’s easy to be distracted by the chat on the right hand side and not realise the webinar has begun.

If things go wrong
If you have problems seeing or hearing the webinar try pressing the ‘reconnect’ button at the top of the broadcast page.

If this doesn’t work, let us know via the chat panel, if it has been opened by our presenters. If there is a technical issue on our end, then other viewers will experience it too, and we will try to fix it.

How to watch the recording
Within 24 hours of the webinar finishing you should get an email with a link to watch the recording. Clicking on this link will take you to a webpage where you can watch the webinar.


Who can join?
We currently deliver two kinds of webinar. Some are for claimants and carers and others are for professionals like support workers, welfare rights advisers and other workers. It will state clearly in the name of the webinar who it is for.

Our webinars for ‘claimants and carers’ are open to everybody. They are aimed at people who are on benefits and those who care for them. However, anybody who wants to find out more about benefits is welcome to join.

These webinars are designed to be friendly, accessible and informative for everyone.

Will I be visible?
No. Our webinars are set up so that only the presenters are visible. You will not be asked to turn on your webcam or microphone.

However, you will be able to type messages in to the chat panel. If you do, the presenters and other viewers will be able to see what you’ve written.

Is it anonymous?
Only your first name and email address will be sent to Benefits and Work when you register. You do not have to use your real name if you don’t want to.

If you type messages in the chat panel during the webinar, the presenters and other viewers will be able to see what you have written. The name that you provided will be displayed next to your message, but not your email address.

We ask that you do not to provide any information in the chat panel about anybody else that could be used to identify them.

Do I have to participate?
No. You do not have to participate if you don’t want to. You can simply watch the webinar live and only need to write in the chat panel if you’d like to ask questions or offer comments.

There will be other opportunities to participate if you want to, including live polls, and a survey at registration for you to ask questions in advance.

Will I be able to ask questions?
You will be able to ask questions at certain points during the webinar. We will prioritise questions that are directly about the content we are presenting. For example, if you didn’t understand something we said and you want us to clarify it.

We will also try to answer more general questions about the subject of the presentation, such as questions about the rules and procedures for the benefits we are discussing.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer specific questions about your benefit claim as we could only do this if we had all the details of your case, otherwise we could risk advising you wrongly. This would take much longer than the time we have in a webinar, and would compromise your privacy. For advice on specific questions about your benefit claim you need to contact an advice agency if at all possible.

Can I watch the replay if I miss the live broadcast?
Yes you can. You will automatically be sent a replay link by email within one day.

Can I give feedback?
Yes please! We always share a survey at the end of the webinar for you to complete. We really value your feedback as it can help us improve our webinars.

If you have any more queries please email us at tech@benefitsandwork.co.uk

 Current webinars

Claiming the PIP mobility component on mental health grounds 2pm on 20 July, 2020

Benefits and Work is running a free, members only, 2 hour webinar on ‘Claiming the PIP mobility component on mental health grounds’.

The webinar is at 2pm on 20 July, 2020.

It is suitable both for beginners and those who have some knowledge of the PIP mobility component.

You will learn how to fill in the ‘Going out’ page in the PIP2 form on mental health grounds, so that you give the most accurate and persuasive evidence possible and increase the chances of getting the correct award.

The webinar will include information on legal definitions and current case law to help you give effective evidence.

It will also draw on details gathered in our recent survey of over 1,000 people who claimed, or tried to claim, PIP mobility component on mental health grounds.

If you have already completed the claim pack, you can use the same information to improve the evidence you provide at mandatory reconsideration or appeal stage.

You can sign up for the webinar on this page You will need to be logged in and a current subscriber to follow the link.


Benefits and coronavirus updates

We are running free, 40 minute live webinars on PIP Coronavirus changes. The webinars will cover changes to PIP as a result of the current emergency. They include information on:

  • New claims
  • Reviews
  • Changes of circumstances
  • Telephone assessments
  • Challenges and appeals

Claimants and carers PIP webinar, 2pm on Friday 29 May

This webinar is open to all claimants and carers. It runs for 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. Watch the recording here 


Professionals PIP webinar, 2pm on Friday 5 June

This webinar is aimed at staff who offer support with PIP in the course of their work. It runs for 45 minutes, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. Registrations will only be accepted if you register using your work email address. You can post a question at the bottom of the registration page, though we can't guarantee to answer them all. The content is the same as the claimants and carers webinar, but the questions answered may be different.  You can watch a recording of the webinar here