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If you are having problems with posting on the forum,  please check the information below before contacting our technical support.

I can’t post on the forum.  I’m being told  I don’t have permission even though I’m a member.
The forum is currently only open from 2-4pm and 8-10pm, Monday to Friday.  At other times you can read posts but you can’t create a new post or thrad.

I just posted on the forum, but it hasn’t appeared.
Your post has to be checked by a moderator before it can be published.  this may sometimes take a while if the forum is busy or we are short of moderators.

How do I start a new thread on the forum.
The forum is currently only open from 2-4pm and 8-10pm, Monday to Friday, you can’t post at other times.

To start a new thread  on the forum:
Log into the site
Click on the forum link in the left-hand menu
Click on ‘ESA, PIP and DLA Queries and Results’
Click on the ‘New topic’ button or tab.
Type a subject title in the ‘Subject’ box
Type your query in the Message’ box
Click on the ‘Submit’ button
Your post will appear after it has been read by a moderator.

If none of this has helped then please email us giving:

  1. the email address you're registered with the site with
  2. your username
  3. a description of what you are trying to do and what goes wrong
  4. any steps you’ve taken to try to fix the problem.