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Disability Living Allowance (DLA)  for adults coverClaiming DLA and AA guides and factsheets

  • Disability Living Allowance Claims for Adults on Physical Health Grounds (63 page A4 guide)
  • Disability Living Allowance Claims for Adults on Mental Health Grounds (54 page A4 guide )
  • Disability Living Allowance Claims for Children on Physical Health Grounds (52 page A4 guide)
  • Disability Living Allowance Claims for Children on Mental Health Grounds (58 page A4 guide)
  • Attendance Allowance on Physical Grounds (37 page A4 guide)
  • Giving persuasive information about how far you can walk (12 page A4 factsheet)
  • 70 questions you're likely to be asked at your DLA medical (4 page A4 factsheet)
  • Challenging the claim a bottle or commode will replace the need for help (7 page A4 factsheet)

Disability living allowance (DLA) for adults on physical grounds coverOur guides and factsheets are full of practical information, tips and advice based on years of experience of assisting claimants and support workers. Following the information in the guides won't guarantee you an award of DLA or AA, but it definitely will ensure that you make the best possible case for getting an award. They guides include:

  • 2 minute tests to help decide whether you're eligible for DLA
  • details of the best way to get a claim pack and what to do if you can't return it in time
  • information on how to keep a record of your claim
  • a page by page guide explaining what you need to write about in every box in the DLA claim packs-dealing with the problems you have with everyday activities such as washing, dressing, walking and preparing a cooked main meal.
  • tips on getting supporting evidence to increase the chances of a successful claim and reduce the likelihood of getting a visit from a DWP doctor
  • guidance on how to prepare for a visit from a DWP doctor and how to keep a record of what happened that you can present to a tribunal if necessary
  • alist of the questions you're likely to be asked if you have a medical
  • a detailed list of agencies that may be able to help you with your DLA or AA claim.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) appeals coverDLA and AA appeals

  • Appealing against a Disability Living Allowance decision (14 page A4 guide)
  • Support for clients with DLA & AA appeals (37 page A4 guide)
  • Ways to challenge DLA or AA medical reports (27 page A4 guide)


Appeals work! Over 70% of DLA appeals are successful where the claimant attends with a representative and around 60% where the claimant attends alone. Our guide to support for clients is now available to all members and contains a great deal of additional valuable material. Our appeals guides cover:

  • choosing between a revision or an appeal
  • completing an appeal formWays to challenge a disability living allowance (DLA) medical report cover
  • completing the enquiry form
  • what happens at an appeal
  • how to go and watch hearings before attending yourself
  • understanding the appeal papers
  • submitting additional evidence & using commissioners decisions
  • how to challenge DWP medical reports
  • preparing yourself
  • taking witnesses
  • the importance of what you both wear and how you travel to the hearing
  • what happens on the day
  • ensuring the tribunal cannot treat you as an experienced representative if you are not one
  • dealing with difficult tribunal members

Disability living allowance (DLA) changes of circumstances coverOther DLA issues

  • Disability Living Allowance renewal claims (6 page A4 factsheet)
  • Changes of circumstances for people claiming DLA (8 page A4 factsheet)

The Renewals guide gives additional information about the issues to take into account when completing a DLA or AA renewal form, to be used in conjunction with our detailed DLA & AA claims guides. The Changes of circumstances guide explains what counts as a change of circumstances that you should inform the DWP about in relation to you DLA & AA and how to reduce the chances of this leading to your award being looked at again.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) medical report formAttendance Allowance medical report form
A copy of the medical report form completed by doctors carrying out AA medicals

Disability Living Allowance medical report form
A copy of the medical report form completed by doctors carrying out DLA medicals

Decision Makers Exchanges
A confidential monthly bulletin which tells DLA & AA decision makers what they've been getting wrong lately and how to put it right.

Benchbook (190 pages A4, August 2006)
A very useful resource. The Benchbook is a practical guide to what should happen at tribunals which every chairman is expected to use. Everything from what to do if the claimant doesn't turn up to whether to allow tape recording of hearings.

The BenchbookCustomer Management System guidance and helpscreens
A collection of resources from the new computerised DLA decision making system piloted in Bootle and Manchester.

Assessing Mobility in the Younger Child (40 pages A4, dated February 2001)
This guidance for examining doctors was produced when the age limit for lower rate mobility was about to be reduced from 5 years old to three years old. It looks at the milestones of motor development: what crawling, walking and running skills a child should have developed by what age.

Decision makers procedural guide

This is the guide used by decision makers dealing with DLA and AA claims. Unlike the Decision Makers' Guide, which deals with the law, the DMPG deals with the practical procedures decision makers should use to implement the law.

Disability Handbook (268 pages A4. Downloadable as a single .pdf file).
The Disability Handbook is gradually being replaced by a Customer Case Management system but is still used for some conditions.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) EMP guideGuidance for Examining Medical Practitioners (111 pages A4)
This is the guide used by Examining Medical Practitioners who carry out medicals in relation to DLA and AA. Essential reading if you represent claimants at DLA and AA appeals.

Mobility Questions in DLA
(Self-Directed Learning Pack, 59 pages, November 2004)

Providing medical advice to the Decision Maker in DLA/AA: A Guide for Medical Advisers (96 page A4, 13 July 2004)
This tells Medical Services doctors how to respond to written and verbal requests for information from decision makers. It contains lots of examples and provides a detailed insight into what goes on behind the scenes between decision makers and doctors.

Team members guide
This is guidance for DLA and AA staff at Blackpool below the level of decision maker. Lots of information about: how to collect medical evidence; what to do if a claimant starts work or training; dealing with homeless customers and much more.

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