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Totally confused 4 years 11 months ago #139920

  • bro58

Hercules wrote: Hi Bro

Just thought I would give you an update on my ESA reassessment. I did challenge the distance I would have to travel to the assessment centre, but they wouldn't consider moving it even though the travel time was only 8 minutes short of the 90 mins, I was a told due to my mobility issues the only centre equipped to deal with this was central London where I'd be seen on the ground floor.

On arrival at the centre I was kept waiting over an hour to be seen, even though the staff could clearly see I was distressed and in pain, and very uncomfortable due to their low chairs, and I was getting more distressed by the minute as I'd already endured a long car journey as a passenger, thankfully a family member was able to come with me, and they kept pestering the reception staff, but the joke is I was told that I was meant to be seen on the 2nd floor, but their lift wasn't working so I was being "squeezed in" on the ground floor.

This makes a total farce of their original reasons for moving my assessment to that particular centre, as I was always meant to be seen on the ground floor level as there is no way I'd have managed stairs and they knew this due to my several phone calls prior to my appointment.

Regardless I was apparently seen by a "doctor" who seemed pretty knowledgable about my various conditions, but by the time I was seen I was I was obviously very distressed and made it clear I was unhappy to have been kept waiting for so long in such discomfort. It's clear they do employ dirty tricks to collect "evidence" to support their recommendations to get people off ESA and onto JSA, from cameras everywhere, to an exceptionally heavy door on their disabled toilet to being asked the same questions in different ways to see if your answers are the same.

Fortunately for me, it was obvious my mobility was very poor, as it took several painstaking minutes to crawl my way to the assessment room, and I was extremely upset throughout the q&a session that followed to the point where the doctor went and got my family member from Reception to comfort me, she proceeded to tell the "doctor" what she thought about the process and what I'd endured stress wise leading up to my appointment.

Anyway the upshot is that having followed the advise in your fantastic guides prior to and during my assessment,, I've been informed that I'm now being moved from the WRAG to the support group which is where I should have been in the first place 3 yrs ago, had I been armed with your very useful information back then I might not have had to endure the pressure and stress from the job centre regards finding work these last 3yrs when I knew I wasn't physically/mentally capable. Now I can focus on getting my health to a manageable situation and then hopefully return to work when I know I'm actually ready.

I can't thank you guys enough for all your help and advice.

Hi H,

Thanks for the update !!

That is great news, well done !!! :cheer:

Your positive feedback regarding all at B&W is most welcome, thank you !!! :)


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