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wow 6 points to support group at tribunal

6 years 7 months ago #141356 by helen

hi all I wanted to post to thank everyone at benefits and work (especially Gordon) for their endless support and advice and for all the people who post on the forum as I could not have done this or gone to the tribunal without your help and support so thanks a million xxxx

I also wanted to post my story to hopefully encourage others to carry on with the fight I am gobsmacked at my result as I nearly didn't go as I was so downtrodden with all their so called evidence against me ( one hcp report).

I failed my medical back in may this year I was in the wrag for 2.5 years i also failed to have it changed at the mandatory reconsideration stage and the only other extra evidence I sent in to the tribunal was a letter from my doctor not really saying much other than my pain is chronic.

I was in the tribunal for over 30 minutes they were very friendly and helped me I felt as I was struggling to answer some of their questions.

there was a solicitor and a doctor
the solicitor said you have appealed and I said yes as I am being made out to be a liar I do think that helped me he then asked me what other benefit I was on
the doctor asked me how my back affects my movements how my arm and shoulder etc affects my movement etc
I think looking back they are trying to help you explain your condition to help them fiit it to the esa descriptors as they told me they believed me as I had answered the questions correctly

I also went with my other half no representation and I also think they knew we were genuine unlike the HCP !

thank you again to all the benefit and word moderators as I am so grateful and relieved as this was making my condition worse.

good luck to all the other people fighting do not give up as the feeling of winning is awesome

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6 years 7 months ago #141364 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic wow 6 points to support group at tribunal

Congratulations on the award and thank you for posting your Tribunal experience, I am sure that it will help others.


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