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Assessment 3 months after wining ESA tribunal?

6 years 4 months ago #151298 by anumao

bro58 wrote:

Orangeblossom wrote: Hi Ana it might also be a good idea to ask for the ESA 85 report stating the reasons for putting you in the support group (or appeal paper stating the same) as this will be helpful to you in the future for when you are reassessed? Kind regards and hope you don't have to go through all that again

Hi Ob,

Even though requesting one's ESA85/ESA85A and other ESA docs can be helpful ( as advised : Here ) in any future re-assessments, as ana's current ESA SG Award was as a result of The Tribunal re-making the original adverse decision at appeal, the only ESA85/85A that would be available would be the original one which recommended the original adverse decision that ana has appealed !!

Therefore. it may not be that helpful !!

The Tribunal's Decision Notice should state the reasons why ana was placed into The SG !


Yes the Tribunal gave me a Decision Notice there and then stating in which descriptors I was given points and how many. Very well explained.


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6 years 4 months ago #151487 by cats6
Hi Ana,
Out of interest when were you originally turned down for ESA in relation to this tribunal.
And was it a 1st claim for ESA or a Re- assessment of a previous award for ESA.

Like myself You are one of the luckier ones , despair and stress turns on the fighting mode, and prepared to weather the storm.
E.g i keep small amount of savings and cupboards full of food, freezer topped up. toilet rolls, bedding etc.

Soon i am expecting a ESA Re-assessment then DLA transfer to PIP
When i was migrated from IS/SDA to ESA they tried their nonsense on with me.. i posted about it, they wanted me moved over in 2014 but my migration letter stated 2014 Onwards to end of 2015.
I did one ESA50 mid 2014 to cover me for assessment in 2015
i used their own rules & regs against them.
Finally after negotiations with the DWP and 3 ESA50 forms later, from atos (none of which i filled in) they started the transfer early 2015
Was a few months into 2015 when eventually placed in SG
i had to cancel medicals.

Although I'm not sure i would have got away with delaying my own transfer/ assessment had i been a 1st time claimant.

None the less it is still all extremely wearing and upsetting
My health has genuinely degraded as a result from all the stress of having to prove i am entitled to payments regarding work-related abilities or lack off should i say
This site besides helping to clear my thoughts and point to the correct rules and regs gave me the idea to keep a rolling online form going.
just really sick and tired having all the time to prove the effects disability has on ability. :S:angry:
Still no intent of giving in :cheer:

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