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Called for DLA to PIP Assessment at private physio

5 years 9 months ago #167397 by Maggie
Got an email back from PIP customer services this morning.


Good Morning,

Thank you for your email.

I have passed your email to the Client Relations Team.

The Client Relations Team will investigate your complaint and contact you direct within 20 working days.

Please bare with us whilst I look in to this for you.

Kind Regards


Filed in the waste paper bin probably.

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5 years 9 months ago #168026 by Maggie
Just a quick update as we're travelling home from caravan today and I haven't finished packing. :blush:

Husband brought mail back with him after attending his Uncle's funeral.

Letter from DWP. Dated 30 August.

We've now got the inforamtion and reports we need about your condition and how this affescts you for your claim for Personal Independence Payment.

We're sorry it's taken longer than expected to give you a decision on your claim but we'll contact you as soon as we've made a decision.

Yours sincerely


(it was unsigned)

And from ATOS dated 5 Septemeber 2016

Personal Indepence Payment
Complaints ackknwledgement.

Dear Mrs (surname)

Thank you for your recent communication in which you expressed your concerns regarding your application for Personal Independece Payement (PIP).

An investigation will now take place into the issues you have raised and we aim to complete our investigation within 20 working days. However, if the investigation takes longer than anticipated I will continue to update you of our progress.

Should you have any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on the above telephone number or the address below.

Yours sincerely
(PP signature)

Name of Client Relations Officer and address for them.


No reply needed - this is just for the record!

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5 years 9 months ago #168251 by Maggie
Still no brown envelope...

Tomorrow we set off on a rather epic 10 days. B)My husband will be 71 :huh:(how did that happen!) at the end of the month, so this is my birthday present to him. :kiss:

Travel to hotel on M6 Toll road for overnight, and then on Friday to daughter's home in London (I can't take the whole trip to London in a single day any more as back is so painful even in my "comfy" Motability car with heated seat). On Saturday husband has a fun day out going to see Tranmere Rovers play in Stretford :cheer:with daughter, SiL. 3 yr old Grandson and 10 mth old Grandaughter. I'll prob stay in their house and do PIP homework! :laugh:

Sunday to Tuesday have nice time with Grandkids and DD1 and SiL. :)We drive to posh hotel by Excel exhibition place in Docklands (I think - not very good on London Geography!). Thursday attend NewScientistLive Exhibition at Excel to hear Tim Peake :kiss:speak about being on the International Space Station. And then look at some more science stuff assuming I can take longer in the wheelchair. Back to posh hotel for overnight, then on Friday back to daughter's to pick up laptop, bedding etc etc. Sleepover and head back to hotel on M6 Toll for Saturday night (note to anyone else doing this kind of thing, the hotel on M6 Toll was £10 more expensive on the Sat than the Thursday).

So home on Sunday! Will be asking our lovely neighbour to keep an eye open for sinister brown envelopes, but also sinister white envelopes - Atos seem to communicate using white envelopes - probably just to confuse us all!

I'm taking all my paperwork with me, which is a bit of a pain! :(Massive bag full! :lol:But means I can keep going on the reconsideration letter - which I'm pretty certain I'll need.

Oh, I think I forgot to tell you that I fed the assessors numbers into your PIP calculator, and it seems I'd get low rate for both Living and Mobility if decision maker accepts it. Not so bothered about the Living stuff (though think she's misreported stuff). But to lose the possibility for Motability is what will drive me on.

Hoping won't need to get in touch with DWP while we're away - Atos F2F already poisoned my summer holiday. :(Be nice to be able to just enjoy some time away without constant worry.

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5 years 9 months ago #168267 by Maggie
Just wondering if DWP get told about complaints to Atos? Some of what I complained about will be relevant to my Mandatory Reconsideration if that's what it comes to - guess it will. So just curious really, as it would be useful if complaints to Atos would be looked at.

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5 years 9 months ago - 5 years 9 months ago #168268 by slugsta
leaving out things that would help your case.
I hope you are able to enjoy your time away - how exciting to hear Tim Peake speak!

I don't know whether DWP are notified about ATOS complaints. If they are, I would expect it to be only a statistical thing rather than the details of individual complaints. You need to keep the complaint separate from the MR, otherwise you risk

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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5 years 9 months ago #168285 by Maggie
I guess it's probably Off Topic, but if I can make notes about seeing Tim Peake I'll share them here. Might have to bring my dead blog back to life, so can just send a link. Hop eto cheer folks up a bit!

This is a marathon trip for me. A once in a lifetime. Much longer than other trips we've made together to London to see the Kids.

But even disabled we can sometimes do something Special for a very special person - my husband has stuck by me through all my health problems. So it's nice that I can try give him a special day to hear a really amazing person speak.

(off topic post - please forgive)
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