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Called for DLA to PIP Assessment at private physio

5 years 7 months ago #172724 by Maggie
Counsellor just asked to fill in a form - mostly it was medical stuff, that she couldn't comment on. But she's known me on and off since 1992 (!) when I first became ill, so is well aware how ME/CFS affects me and how much worse I've got over the years. Will prob write mostly about her observations of me "walking".

Then had to get to GP. We were a bit late but it was OK. She greeted me with saying she'd had a letter about me. "From Atos?" - yes. Told her my Counsellor had also had one. Why don't they do this before MR and taking your car away? (rhetorical question Mrs HB and Gordon! :lol:)

Packed consultation! Talked about the colonography that hasn't happened yet and why. Spirometry - turns out I have Asthma! She said most smokers get COPD (which is what I'd put as a possible on the PIP form) but because I responded to inhaler it's asthma. Was going to give me an inhaler to have at home just in case, but with one thing and another we forgot. She said seeing as I can't exercise due to ME it's likely I wouldn't know, as symptoms are getting breathless and wheezing on exercise or if get chest infection.

She also gave me Tetanus jab as I garden (not that I have at all this year, but I live in hope!), but took on board I didn't want the flu jab (can be difficult for ME patients).

As I was leaving she said to me "I'm going to have some fun filling in your form now"!
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5 years 7 months ago #172818 by Maggie
Husband was on way to dentist and nearly drove over our postie! :ohmy:Brought up the envelope he was trying to deliver. Cheque for £450 from Motability for the car being returned in good condition. :)It was a 5 year lease due to low mileage, hence the higher than usual payment. Very fast seeing as car only went back on Tuesday afternoon.

The sad bit is the letter ends saying "We trust you will continue to enjoy many more miles of motoring with Motability." Well, I would if it wasn't for Atos and DWP! :angry::evil:

Will let you know when the £2000 arrives, they seem to say in 2 weeks from return in the letter telling me I had to return my car.

On different subject, we finally managed to book my colonography CT scan for Wed 16 Nov after got call back from the Nurse Practitioner to answer my questions about the contrast - it has iodine in it, and there was a possibilty couldn't use it as I have shellfish allergy. But the Radiographers say it's OK. Just wanted to be sure before taking it! I don't plan to leave via anaphylactic shock if it can be avoided! ;)
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5 years 7 months ago #173337 by Maggie
Got my cheque for £2000 from Motability today. :)Letter says if I get the Enhances Rate of Mobility Component of PIP I will not be eligible to return to the scheme for 6 months. If I want to rejoin in this time I will need to contact Motability to discuss options. I'm assuming that probably that means paying back the cash to rejoin. Anyway, not an option at present - still waiting for MR decision. And suspect won't be an option even when I get MR decision! :ohmy:

Both my GP and Counsellor's letters to Atos went in last week. The waiting is doing my head in though! :sick:Still puzzled as to why they should seek more info at MR! :blink:

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5 years 7 months ago #174039 by Maggie
Went for the colonography yesterday. It was OK which is more than I can say for the 3 day prep for it! 3 days of low fibre diet, all white stuff mainly! :(Then for 2 days the foul drinks containing iodine for contrast. :sick:Forced me to spend many hours on the porcelain throne. :blush:Very glad of my Kindle! :)Finished a book about WW2 in Chelsea (they took it very bad there from the bombing) I'd just started reading before the potions, then started another SF/fantasy book that continuing to read.

Last night dreamed I got the letter from DWP about my Mandatory Reconsideration... I opened the envelope to find that there wasn't a letter with decision, just another envelope. I woke up before I got to open the envelope. Husband suggests that that envelope probably contained another envelope that contained another envelope and so on ad infinitum... Sounds like dealing with DWP to me! :laugh:

Did actually get a brown envelope in post today, but nothing to do with MR. From DVLA to tell me that I am no longer the registered keeper of my Motability car.

I do think that me dreaming about getting mail from DWP about my MR is indicative of it having a bad effect on my mental health. But dreams can't be proved in any way of course! :laugh:Just wish the decision would arrive soon so can know that I need to go to Tribunal - am expecting that as a realist.

We hope to get away again to caravan for a few days, but I'm scared to go before get whatever result I get. Maybe we'll just go anyway once we get my colonography results. These few months have been so difficult on many fronts! Help from the wonderful Mods, and friendship from some other people here have helped me keep on going on. Thank You Very Much.
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5 years 7 months ago #174051 by alison
hi maggie68
hope you hear from MR soon and it get overturned ,, :),i now how your feeling the waiting is just never ending ,,i dreaded the post coming but at same time was hoping it would arrive just to know ,, hope your results are good also from the hosp .. will keep my fingers crossed for your MR ,,good luck hun,.
alison :)
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5 years 7 months ago #174066 by unBat412Fd
Yes get yourself away to caravan Maggie, I should do you the world o good! :)
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