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ESA to PIP success

5 years 4 months ago #226360 by JK2500
ESA to PIP success was created by JK2500
I’ve been on ESA or similar since 2003 and had a letter to change to PIP on January 4th asking me to phone them which I did. They asked a few security questions and said they will send me the PIP application form, which I received on January 9th.
I’ve been a member of B&W for many years and had downloaded all “The Best Possible” form guides from the site to enable me to fill out the form.
I sent the completed form together with all my medical evidence (consultants letters etc from all my hospital notes which I’d requested previously) and sent the completed form off on January 21st with a request for a home visit if possible. Received a phone call on the 28tg January and a home visit was arraigned for February 4th.
The medical assessment went reasonably well and lasted about an hour and the lady (a nurse) was extremely helpful. She said the DWP will take at least 7 weeks to make their decision.
Had a text message from DWP on Monday 11th to say they had received the assessors report and they would be in touch.
I thought I had at least 6 weeks to wait for a decision, but got home on Friday 15th to find the dreaded brown envelope on the mat.

I had been on ESA support group + DLA of High Rate mobility and Middle Rate Care and felt certain I was going to lose both, bearing in mind all the horrendous stories I had heard.
So, imagine my surprise when I read that I had been awarded the Enhanced Rate for daily living and also the Enhanced Rate for mobility!

I don’t think I would have gotten this award decision had I not studied and used the advice on this forum.

Thanks everyone.

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5 years 4 months ago #226400 by Gordon
Replied by Gordon on topic ESA to PIP success

Congratulations on the award, a very well done.

Your PIP award replaces your DLA, not your ESA award as your post suggests.



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5 years 4 months ago #226450 by JK2500
Replied by JK2500 on topic ESA to PIP success
Of course it does Gordon, my mistake.
I had been on ESA Support group and DLA.

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