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TOPIC: re assesment

re assesment 6 months 3 weeks ago #229294

hi again, just renewed my membership to B+W,
I have just sent off my ESA 50 form again , i was originally put into the support group in 2011 and it stated that i was unable to return to work in the longer term. i have been reported numerous times to the benefits people by a disgusting family just down the road from us, we have been asked to go to the job centre several times because of this, on 1 occasion the family down the road told them that they watch me go to work every single morning.
do you think that this reassessment would be because of the benefits people wanting to get proof again that i am unfit for work ?, We are panicking yet again with this assessment.

It was in 2011 when i was put in the support group, since then i had a new scan on my back 2 months ago and it now shows that i have 7 discs prolapsed and compressing on my nerves, i have 2 discs prolapse in my neck as well as a blood clot and a piece of bone broken off and stuck in my spinal chord, so since being put in support group things have got bad.

i read in the download booklet that if you have a long term issue that is not likely to improve that it could be a case of not getting a medical ( fingers crossed ) but don't mind if i have to have one.
I rarely leave my house, suffer with depression and anxiety and severe IBS, and now the doctors have told me that i have got to leave the house and do some exercise because i am now borderline type 2 diabetic. so not really winning.
So do you think this re assessment is because of being reported or just a normal assessment being as its been 8 years ??.
re assessed for PIP 2 years ago and get the higher rate mobility and middle rate care, just hope the new assessment does not screw things up with the PIP

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re assesment 6 months 3 weeks ago #229301


The normal maximum period between ESA assessments for claimants in the SG is three years so you have been very lucky if it has been eight years, so I think that this is a normal reassessment and not one prompted by concerns about your eligibility.


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re assesment 6 months 3 weeks ago #229322

thank you Gordon, i did say to my partner that we are i think lucky to have had 8 years.
just got to keep our fingers crossed now

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