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PIP Mandatory Reconsideration and success !!...

5 years 2 months ago #230108 by david
Hi Everyone

I wanted to share my good news with everyone. I have been on DLA for 11 years and had high rates for both and had an indefinite award, last July 2018 I was invited to apply for PIP and promptly filled in my forms in great detail a added all my various consultants diagnosis is etc and low and behold I went for my face to face assessment this Feb 2019. I promptly asked for my assessment report and was horrified to read the report and was convinced was the report actually done on myself or someone else, I was awarded only standards rates on both components and only for 3 years... I was absolutely broken at the thought of giving up my freedom been my mobility car as I live very remotely. I phoned the PIP help line and took advice of doing a Mandatory Reconsideration and promptly registered my option to do just that. I then got out all my medical evidence laid it all out and put in various date orders and sections depending on which illness they related too.. I then got to the nitty gritty of my assessors report on myself and slowly picked apart the discrepancies of the assessors report on myself and oh boy there was a lot !. I picked what I thought was the most provable first and backed up with my consultants notes that verified that the assessor was factually incorrect etc.. well it took my around 17 hours and a 10 page M R letter as well as the original consultants note that were claimed to have been read by the assessor also added some new medical information and sent back to the PIP people in plenty of time of my 28 day period, also sent special delivery. I waited just over 6 weeks with the odd call to them for any updates etc then on Thursday morning I had a call from a Decision maker responsible for doing my M R I was asked a couple of questions about my claim and told I had nothing to worry about regarding my M R, but I could not be told the new decision until the computers updated overnight, so next morning after a very sleepless night I called the PIP people at 8 am sharp and well I was absolutely made up I length of award was increased from 3 years to on going 0r 10 years... my mobility was increased from standard to enhanced and my care was increased from standard to enhanced.. I am still awaiting my official letter confirming this but I know its coming just the depts. snail mail service Lol... I called motobility and they checked and my car lease was put back in place after they checked with the dwp and so just wanted to say a big thanks to the people of this site and every ones support throughout my epic ordeal in getting PIP.. Thanks everyone ..
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5 years 2 months ago #230152 by Gordon

That's terrific news, a very well done and congratulations.



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5 years 2 months ago #230228 by david
Thanks Gordon . I picked my battle wisely as you advised earlier this year

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