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TOPIC: F2F PIP Assessment

F2F PIP Assessment 7 months 2 weeks ago #233773

My (2nd) F2F Assessment is on Monday. My 1st one was 2 years ago - I was given zero points on all points but, in November 2018, a tribunal awarded me Enhanced for both so I've only had just over 18 months "respite".

I think that the main reason for the tribunal's decision was my v supportive GP who completed B + W's fantastic GPdescriptor doc (couldn't recommend it highly enough!).

Not surprisingly, in the 18 months since the Tribunal my conditions have not improved + I've been diagnosed with a few more so, since I've submitted evidence for all of them plus the revalidating by my GP of her original statement, the insistence of another F2F seems extraordinary - although far from unique.

Big problem/fear is that as the last assessment report could, as so many others have said have been written about someone else with loads of factual inaccuracies and downright lies.

I can't afford the recording equipment but couldn't carry it anyway and don't have anyone to take with me so am uncertain as to how to deal with what I feel sure will be a repeat performance.

At some point I do want to say that,in common with just everyone else, I absolutely DO NOT "have a good rapport" with the HP +, as he/she proceeds + being a bit less wimpish in not doing anything that hurts etc etc. Previously I was concerned that I might irritate the HP but now I know that, no matter what, they'll prob lie and say want they want so what will I lose.

Apologies for rambling but, questions:

Is there a suggested/acceptable "attitude with HPs and is there any experience of the pluses/minuses of different behavour.

Given the relatively short period between the Tribunal deciding I'm a total mess backed up with the GP's statement (then and now) + the changes in law/gov statements (epilepsy + psych journey probs), how common is it that these are entirely disregarded? Does the HP have access to and/or is aware of all of this?

Again, apologies for the ramble.


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F2F PIP Assessment 7 months 2 weeks ago #233781


I can't recommend that you behave any differently from normal with the assessor but you could think about changing the way that you answer their questions.

Assessors like to ask closed questions where the answer would be "yes" or "no", they are usually looking for "yes" in that you can do the activity. This means that they often stop listening once they have heard the "yes" even though you may be explaining when you can't for example; "yes I can do this but only when...".

If you can, consider changing your answer to a "no" so again as an example; "no, I can only do it when..."

The assessor won't be aware of your Tribunal award and won't have seen any of the documentation involved in the appeal so if you think it is relevant then you need to make it available to them, take a copy to the assessment and ask them to read the information before they start the interview.

The DWP has updated the guidance used by assessors to reflect the changes resulting from the various UTT Decisions on harm and Going Out.

The following user(s) said Thank You: Alex, Carly

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

F2F PIP Assessment 6 months 5 days ago #236051

Thanks Gordon - apologies for v delayed response ("new condition" + drugs kicked in big time!) - as per other post(s) result of assessment staggering - 13 living and TWENTY FOUR for mobility!!!!

However (sorry, as per other post) the DM decided to give me 11 points for DL, therefore zapping my Severe Disability so c£70 pw less.

Hopes now being pinned on MR to hope I can claw back at least 1 point.

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