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TOPIC: GP Letter of Support

GP Letter of Support 6 months 3 days ago #236150

I'm guessing that it's possible on the rare occasion that a GP Letter of Support might be unhelpful depending on how it is worded or constructed but I should imagine that everyone here would argue that, whilst not essential, it is certainly desirable. I know it's a pain when you have had a very supportive GP and they leave or retire and you have a new one. I've put on the form that I have seen my current GP just twice in three years which totals a maximum of just 20 minutes so he does not know me very well at all.

I did see him last week though regarding another dreaded WCA and today his letter of support arrived on headed paper;

Todays date
Our reference
To whom it may concern,
Re: Patient Name, DOB, Address NHS and Hosptial number etc

I understand Mr Bloggs is required to complete form ESA50 and that he may be required to attend another Work Capability Assessment Interview in due course.

Mr Bloggs has:
!) A long history of agoraphobia
2) Severe Generalised Anxiety Disorder
3) Depression
4) All of the above have failed to respond to psychotherapy and a range of antidepressants under the care of psychiatry services
5) Significant Irritable Bowel Syndrome including bowel incontinence.

On review today he evidentially still suffers from considerable anxiety which is particularly flared by the prospect of another Work Capability Assessment.

It is my opinion that he remains unfit to work and that any such decision to the contrary would be detrimental to his health and mental wellbeing.

So there you have it. Succinct and to the point. More importantly well worth the £10 admin fee.

Whether the DWP/Assessors take any notice of it is a different matter. . . . . . . .
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GP Letter of Support 6 months 3 days ago #236151

Hi Davelim

Great letter. Hopefully, the assessors will take note.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

GP Letter of Support 6 months 2 days ago #236178

I just got a great letter from my GP too. Worth the money.

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