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ESA 6 months 3 days ago #236185

Hi , I am in the ESA contribution support group and have received my dreaded form again . My illness is depression an anxiety and for the last 2 years , after filling in the form I have had to go for an assessment, even though the people I have seen have both promised I will never have to attend again . As soon as I get into the building I immediately go into panic mode and the last time I was there I had a long long waiting time and in the end I ran out of the building . Luckily my friend insisted that they see me as she couldn’t cope with me anymore . I couldn’t cope with this trauma again so do I have to attend and am I filling the form in Wrong . Thanks Hilary

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ESA 6 months 3 days ago #236186

Hi H
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I'm afraid the assessors that you have seen should never say that you will not be assessed again because it is not their decision. They can only make a recommendation to the Decision-Maker.
However, although you must fill in the form, it does not mean you will have to go for another face to face assessment. If you do not fill in and return the form, you run the risk of your case being closed.

I don't know whether you have a sympathetic GP who would write a supporting letter either saying that your anxiety and depression is such, a paper-based decision - or a home visit would be more suitable. (Of course you might not want a home visit). Only a small amount of paper-based reviews are done, and few house visits, but if you can get a letter to that effect, it might make things easier for you.

You can find help in our ESA guides in the link below. There are two separate guides for mental health and physical health.



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