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TOPIC: Pip assessment again!

Pip assessment again! 5 months 3 weeks ago #236210

I have been on PIP since 2011 and award was due to be reviewed in 2020 (issued in December 2018) I notified them of changes that I was diagnosed with COPD in May 2018 by telephone. Despite a very heated argument they decided to send me another application form for PIP, assessment, which I filled in and sent off with complaints and my assessment report from an ESA assessment I also had to attend in February 2019 due to me reaching 65yrs (pensioner) in February 2019. This ESA report went in my favour and the assessor even asked me why I had to be there at all at my age and obviously the medical conditions I have....I now have my pension sorted and thought after sending back the PIP assessment firm in June (9th) honestly thought they were leaving me alone because of the new ruling of "light touch" for pensioners already on PIP. However today I have received a letter from CAPITA stating that they are awaiting information from my GP etc and explained all I have to go through for an assessment??? Am I correct in saying that because I was awarded my PIP before pension age and it runs till 2020 then I should not be asked to participate in another face to face assessment because I am now classed as a pensioner at the age of 65 and NOT be forced to attend assssment for another 10 years??? Worried, confused, exhausted and very very angry! Please advise as soon as possible. xx

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Pip assessment again! 5 months 3 weeks ago #236213

Hi Jacksmum

Although it was announced that all pensions would be subject to a light touch review - no official announcement has yet come out from the DWP about how and when they are starting to apply this. However, one member the other day rang the DWP to find out what was happening to her PIP review and she was told over the phone she was subject to a light touch review and would not be assessed for 10 years. Just a word of warning, she was only told this over the phone - she had not yet received confirmation in writing.

It sounds from what you say that Capita are trying to get more information about you. That doesn't mean you will still be called to a face to face assessment and this may be part of the light touch review despite the standard letter you received.

However, if I was you I would ring the DWP and ask if you are going to get a light touch review as you are already 65 and see what they say. You have nothing to lose by asking the question.


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Pip assessment again! 5 months 3 weeks ago #236231

Yes I thought about calling them to ask this but obviously don't want to jeopardise anything...I am disgusted to say the least as it was only in February I had an ESA assessment! Next time I get any new life threatening illnesses I shall keep it to myself, obviously telling them about "changes" is NOT the thing to do, wished I'd have kept quiet now....all this us draining me. Thanks for your reply x

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