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A BIG BIG THANKS to Gordon & Co for this site :o)

4 years 10 months ago #237698 by tommckey
Hi, After 12 weeks and 4 days after the Face to Face Interview, I finally got the Brown Envelope today !
They've awarded me Standard rate for Daily Living and Enhanced for Mobility. I can't tell you the profound relief I feel from this award. I almost certainly got this by following the guides you provide on this site !!! :o)
For me , I had to read the guides over and over and used the examples given to answer the questions appropriately and wrote down on A4 papers my answers roughly at 1st. Then, left them and came back to them to review and refined them as needed. I had them spread out all over the floor and made it my absolute priority to put my attention on the PIP and switched the TV off. As I am an insomniac I spent a few all nighters on them. Thankfully it was all worth it :o)
Before the face to face I also re-read my answers so I could say the same as I put on the form.

So thank God and Gordon & other helpers that this site is here and well worth the 16 quid or whatever it was to have the full access . I'll now have the money for needed taxi's and other things.

They have stated on the award form that they will contact me after the 24th December 2020 to "see if your needs have changed and to look at the amount you get"
Does anyone know how this will happen ??? Will I have to go through the whole process again ??? Is it a case of your guess is as good as mine's ??
Many thanks for taking the time to read, Tom

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4 years 10 months ago #237708 by BIS
Hi Tommckey

Congratulations on your PIP award. That is good news.

The date they have given you is a review and yes, you will have to fill in a PIP review form at that time. You will be able to use the information you have already and add any new information as necessary.

Again congratulations.


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