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TOPIC: Help needed re ESA wrag and wosening health

Help needed re ESA wrag and wosening health 1 month 16 hours ago #243194

Hi, i have been kept in ESA WRAG without a medical re-assesment for quite some time now but my health has gone downhill very badly, i Never should have been in this group with such severe acrophobia and anxiety but i couldn't get to my gp to get help to fight this plus i was just too scared too and found it all very daunting so i left it as it was,
I also have problems they didn't know about re constant severe pain and spinal problems for which i am under neurology and the pain clinic , besides having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia,

It was last september when my medical was deferred again for another two years,
I have managed to get the courage up to ring and tell them about my worsening health for which they have asked for medical evidence which i have obtained a letter from my GP,

Do i now just send the medical evidence in with a letter and ask for a mandatory reconsideration or should i just ask that they look at things again?
I haven't slept in days worrying about all this and i partly left things as they were because i was too scared to fight it, my anxiety is too bad to face all this but i also can't cope with the worry of work focused interviews, i am just not sure what to write or if i Can ask for a Mandatory reconsideration if it was last september?
I believe i can upto 13 months from what i have read on here but i also believe they don't have to accept this? But i have also Not had any correspondence off them in a few years either and only know i am still in this WRAG group another two years as i rang them,
i am just so stressed worrying all this, i am 62 and worried sick about just loosing my esa altogether

Thank You for any advice x

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Help needed re ESA wrag and wosening health 1 month 13 hours ago #243200


If your reassessment has indeed been deferred then you cannot request an MR as no Decision has been made.

You can report a Change and you may have already started this process but there is no point your doing this unless you can clearly identify how you would qualify for the Support Group snf your post suggests that you have not done this, for example; you cannot be placed in the SG due to your Agoraphobia as there is no SG Descriptor covering this limitation.

You mention anxiety and pain but these are not directly addressed by the SG Descriptors and you would need to see if you can reasonably fit them to one of these to have any chance of being moved out of the WRAG.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Help needed re ESA wrag and wosening health 1 month 12 hours ago #243212

Thank You so much for the information Gordon,

I feel i do meet two of the descriptors with my anxiety and panic, i live alone and don't bother with people at all because i simply can't, my anxiety won't allow me, my daughter is the only person i can talk too,
I will just send in the information as they are waiting for it now, i do realise i may have triggered a review but this could possibly be a good,

My lovely daughter took me too a work focused interview where the jobcenter lady told me to claim PIP too and was quite surprised that i wasnt doing but as i explained to her it is the stress of it all i just can't face or cope with,

Thank You very much for your advice xx

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