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Preparing a meal - pip 6 months 2 weeks ago #252416

I have a visual impairment and so use aids such as a magnifier, liquid level indicator to help prepare a meal. However, if on my own I’d have to use pre chopped vegetables as it would be unsafe for me to do so as when I’ve tried to cut my own veg or meat I have cut myself. With the regards to the use of aids it still doesn’t mean I can tell if meat, fish or eggs are cooked or be able to pour or drain vegetables as I can’t see the pot/colander. What is dwps take on the use of pre chopped? I did live on my own at university but was in catered halls which covered lunch and dinner, I had to get my own breakfast which was the instant porridge pots where I just added water in. I have also did live on my own for a few months with housemates but again they had to tell me if meat was cooked etc.
Any advice would be appreciated..

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Preparing a meal - pip 6 months 2 weeks ago #252437


The requirement is that you can both prepare and cook a simple meal so pre-prepared vegetables will not count.

Stick to explaining about the simple meal, as an example; you mention breakfast, don't it will only dilute what you are saying about your limitations.

Your example of having to get housemates to check that the food is cooked is a good one to include, based on what you have said you should be aiming for requiring assistance/supervision.


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