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Another win against DWP

2 years 10 months ago #258503 by Sunshine99
Another win against DWP was created by Sunshine99
Hi Guys

Can’t find other posts lol so long story short version
Requested change of circumstances as health had deteriorated
DWP kept award the same
MR done but extra info sent prior
DWP kept it the same
Submitted appeal online added transcript of my covert recording which I done as I have memory issues
DWP stated that THEY decided that I have no memory problems, unfortunately for them they used that argument in most of my descriptors for justification. In my appeal on line there was a box for me to add any information for the panel and the judge I wrote “ dear judge and panel, for me this is not about the money it’s about what right and wrong. Who do the DWP think they are to decide whether I have memory problems or not when the evidence is clear. If I do not meet the criteria to get the points then the DWP should say “ we agree you have issues with your memory however you don’t meet our criteria and they need to have a criteria “ I was not having them tell me I had nothing wrong with me. Anyway this morning I got a text from appeals department saying DWP had changed their decision in my favour case closed. It didn’t even get to the judge that was DWP first response.
I called DWP and I am now enhanced on both until 2026 which I’m thrilled with
Please anyone who feels they deserve a higher award you have to go to appeal. The DWP need to start treating us with the respect that we all deserve.

Thanks guys on this site couldn’t have done it without you all xx
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2 years 10 months ago #258504 by BIS
Replied by BIS on topic Another win against DWP
Hi Sunshine99

Many, many congratulations. That is so good to hear. I know that you were fighting on a matter of principle and the fact that the DWP gave in at the last moment is a testament to your fighting spirit over the issue. I love what you wrote to the judge! So glad you can rest easily for a few years now.



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2 years 10 months ago #258518 by MrFibro
Replied by MrFibro on topic Another win against DWP

Well done Sunshine99, guess we all if we can have to fight nail and tooth.

Nice to hear some good news.

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