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A huge thank you!

5 months 1 day ago #267042 by asmith25
Replied by asmith25 on topic A huge thank you!
Dear everyone,

Thank you all for your kind messages, they really cheered me up and nice to know we are all in this together. I wanted to reply before but didn't realise the forum closed over the holidays and only just remembered to check back now. Nearly two months later from my tribunal and still processing much of what happened myself, I am still pretty mentally and physically exhausted from having to fight so hard for this support (still got to wait another week for the first LCWRA payment to be added to my Universal Credit, which is a ridiculous and criminally long wait! - PIP came 6 weeks ago!) - but at least I can get my life back on track now once I recover more. I also got free bus and subsidised rail travel now too thanks to PIP, which makes getting around much more manageable. Finally, I can focus on what I can do again, rather than what I cannot. Aaron :)
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4 months 4 weeks ago #267101 by LL26
Replied by LL26 on topic A huge thank you!
Hi asmith25,
I have just seen your post with your amazing news, well done!
It is very easy to get downheartedand upset by repeated poor decisions, which don't seem to really relate to the intensity of your disabilities. Persistence is the key and I am pleased that our website, together with all the encouragement of other members empowered you to continue.
Once again, well done.

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