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New Style ESA Support Group and Permitted Work

5 months 1 hour ago #267087 by PennySpent
Replied by PennySpent on topic New Style ESA Support Group and Permitted Work
Hi Gary, Tracey and Gordon,

Thanks for your reply. I have read through all of that stuff, thanks.

I am in the support group and worried that if I apply for Permitted Work so close to my suggested reassessment date, it will flag on their system that I should be reassessed once they receive my permitted work application. Do you think that is likely?

Also re bank statements: surely if I am on new-style ESA, which is contributions-based rather than means-tested then there's no reason to see bank statements when I apply for Permitted Work? I can understand they might want to see them once I actually had PW approved and they wanted to check what I was earning, but before then I don't see what they would need to see if I am not in receipt of anything means-tested.
To be clear, the question on the form does not say: 'You must include bank statements with this application', it asks the question 'Are you including bank statements, pay slips or accounts with this application?' so I have a choice whether or not to send them?

Thank you,

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4 months 4 weeks ago #267107 by Gary
Hi PennySpent

in answer to your first question, I have no idea if it will trigger a reassessment or not.

DWP does not have to see bank statements if you are in receipt of CB ESA, but if you are applying for permitted work then yes they will ask to see your bank statements.

They will want to check to see if you started working before you notified them, if they ask to see your bank statements then you need to comply.

I would advise you to seek help from a Welfare Rights Organisation who will be able to help you. You can find your local Welfare Rights Organisation to help you with advice by clicking on the link below and putting in your post code, it will then come up with a MAP with a list of agencies. advicelocal.uk


Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

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