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New Condition affecting my daily living

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5 months 17 hours ago #267060 by Gary Lloyd-Coxhead
New Condition affecting my daily living was created by Gary Lloyd-Coxhead
I have been on DLA and subsequently PIP at the standard care rate for several years because of both physical and mental issues.

Back in August I had a heart attack. It was quite mild and I survived with very little issues and no damage to my heart.

However, the shock to my system has caused the development of a condition called Polymyalgia Rheumatica which, according to the NHS website may take anything up to 5 years to dissipate, even with medical intervention. This has been confirmed by a Rheumatologist and I am currently under my GP hoping to get some medication shortly after more blood tests.

The condition started suddenly one morning when I found I was unable to get out of bed due to severe pain in my shoulders, arms and hips and subsequently my wife had to help me get up, get washed and dressed and even help me eat my meals as I have no strength in my hands.
The impact on my life has meant severe pain in my shoulders, arms, wrists and hands as well as hip pain. This has continued for 5 months now and although it has improved slightly, I still need help getting dressed, I cannot open a jar or can, have difficulty getting out of a chair so have had to buy a rise and recline chair and an adjustamatic bed, as I am unable to lie in a normal bed.

My question is should I tell the DWP and would I be entitled to claim the higher rate of care under PIP?If so, how should I go about it. I know my documents say I must inform the DWP if my situation changes, but I am not sure the best way to doit.

Thanks in advance,


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4 months 4 weeks ago #267090 by BIS
Replied by BIS on topic New Condition affecting my daily living
Hi Gary

The quickest way to do this is to register a change of circumstances, over the phone and then follow up with a letter. This will trigger a review of your case and you will have the opportunity to provide them with new details of how your condition has deteriorated. I can't tell you whether you will be entitled to a higher rate because I'm not an assessor and don't know the details of your condition. Look at our guide and see where you think your points could be increased.

The DWP does ask people to inform them of a change of circumstances. They are mostly interested in where people's conditions have improved and may no longer be entitled to their award. This is clearly not what is happening in your case. Some people wait until their next review and others inform the DWP immediately. It's up to you what you choose to do.


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4 months 3 weeks ago #267199 by Angel
Replied by Angel on topic New Condition affecting my daily living
Morning. The only issue I foresee is that if they do review, then your whole award will be reviewed. Also that if you ARE awarded a higher component it will only be for 2 years which would then provoke another review (which could be after just one year) Again even if successful would be for another two years.

Totally your decision, and it does sound like you SHOULD be entitled. Just arming you with some predictions. Having been (extra) poorly for 3 months will weirdly help you. Maybe ask your GP/ Consultant for a prognosis letter which could help.

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