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TOPIC: IB50 Form

IB50 Form 9 years 2 months ago #15081

  • marijo
I am in receipt of contribution based incapacity benefit nearly 2 years. I have just received an 1b50 form asking me to complete and return it to Atos by the 2nd anniversary of claiming. I have a polyartritic progressive condition, which is listed as exempted under the incapacity benefits. I do not get any other benefits. Although I did submit this form before when I initally started to claim.

I would like to know if I need to fill this in and send it back as I read the forum post on this subject saying that I shouldnt have to do it and quote the relevant section advising them. The letter said that if I need to know the reasons why i received this letter then I should call my job center. I notified them when I started a course quite a while ago I just got funding through a couple of weeks ago, and I wonder is this a coincidence or a trigger?

Obviously I will call them to find out but i like to be prepared as I know the system can be hard to understand, for both workers and claimants!

My questions are

a) do i need to fill in IB50?
b) Will it be better for me in the long run to fill it in even if i dont need to.
c)if I dont need to and dont, will they be nasty and try to push me on to ESA and/or send me for a medical?
c) if i do complete and send it in what are the next steps?
c)any idea why I got this ? :unsure:

Many thanks

Re:IB50 Form 9 years 2 months ago #15082

On your the letter you received telling you you were getting IB did it have a review date?

Re:IB50 Form 9 years 2 months ago #15117

  • marijo
Hi Gareth,
i have just read the original letter there was no date given for a review but it said that I may be asked to fill in a questionnaire or be called for a medical. It also says further down that I may have both if my incapacity changes... However my condition is roughly the same as not yet controlled by medication.

So it looks like I need to fill it in, whats the likelihood of a medical examiniation? If so, Is it going to be the same criteria as the ESA medical?

Great more stress....

Re:IB50 Form 9 years 2 months ago #15120

From what you've said it would appear that you were found exempt during your last assessment. I would therefore suggest reading and following the advice given in the guide 'Exempt but sent a
from the Incapacity Resources Section available to download from the Members Area.

Re:IB50 Form 9 years 2 months ago #15125

  • marijo
Hi Gareth,

Thanks for your response. One question I did notify the DWP when I started a course and told them what the course involved and also advised that my condition was still not under control. could this be the reason/automatic trigger why they sent 1b50 overlooking my exemption?

Re:IB50 Form 9 years 2 months ago #15129

It could be a coincidence but it's really anyones guess at how the wheels turn within the DWP!

Just follow what's in the guide :)
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