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TOPIC: reply to complaints regarding EMP+ DM

reply to complaints regarding EMP+ DM 9 years 3 months ago #18364

  • letitia
Hi all,

Have received letter from DLA regarding 2 formal complaints i sent, one to the medical services for the EMP, and a second to the DLA for the DM.

The EMP report was a work of fiction and totally incorrect, not a mention of my confirmed conditions and disabilites and the DM made her dicision on the EMP report even though she had a very full report from my GP and hospital. It states we have received your letters and and all the issues you have told us about, will be investigated fully and we will get back to you within 10 working days from date of letter. Your appeal will be suspended untill our investigations is complete.

I have osteporosis and my vertbra has fragilty fractures and my spine has twisted due to this. I also have just fell due to knee colapsing fractured my ankle and tibia,and trough another fall broke 2 fingers and wrist. I have osteoartritis, copd, chronic depression and IBD. EMP report states lower back pain, no major changes expected, asthma mild, no major changes expected, depression, no major changes expected.

The EMP and the DM both had the GP and hospital Report so how can they arrive at these dicisions? So if any one has been in this situation what will happen now when the branch manager is finished and the investigation goes in my favour? Will my DLA be reinstated? I have had this award for 12 years after 3 previous visits from EMPs the last one in 2003 was an indefinate award.

I would advise anyone that has incorrect EMP report to send a formal complaint. It's the only way we are going to get any justice and fair decision, and as Steve says if not happy involve your MP.


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Re: reply to complaints regarding EMP+ DM 9 years 3 months ago #18374

  • kathy1
Hi Letitia,

Same here, and they will get back to you from medical services within 10 days. My appeal was also suspended because I complained about EMP report, and the reply from medical services is full of GUFF, so I cant wait until my Appeal is called back again, i'm not wasting any more of my time writing here and there.

I am very happy to just leave it for the appeal panel to decide, my evidence is clear same as yours, but the fairy story which the emp has dreamed up in best kept for the library, filled under FICTION.

Hope you get some sort of support from Medical services, some do some dont, hope you are one of the lucky ones. Hang in there, 10 days isnt too bad a length of time to have to wait.

Good Luck, and let us know.

PS. Im actually sitting here in agony at the minute, fell earlier and twisted my right thigh and right arm, so i'm just trying to keep my mind of the pain. But if it wasnt for my husband and daughter lifting me up I would still be lying out my back. All the kids next door bobbing up and down on their trampoline having a good look at the spectical, Pity these B****y EMPS didnt come when you need them.

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Re: reply to complaints regarding EMP+ DM 9 years 3 months ago #18420

  • letitia
hi kathy, sorry to hear you fell and you are in so much pain , these EMPs are destoying us mentally and physically ,did the medical services get back to you within the 10 days ,and did they except your complaint ,,,and is your appeal still suspended ,the letter i received was from the DWP they have a copy of the complaint from medical services ,and the DM complaint i sent ,a full 6 page typed A4 by my daughter in law ,asking how the DM came to this decision and what evidence and statue of law she used at her disposal to do so ,plus her DHB ,,received 2 letters from DLA on the 8 and 9 april that both issues will be fully investigated and i will receive a reply from the Branch Support Manager within 10 working days ,SO hopefully will receive good news about the 21 april ,if not am going straight to my MP , so will keep you posted ,take care of yourself ,letitia

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