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Re:Appeal advice please 10 years 4 months ago #19845

  • Loose Cannon
I had four folders of paperwork for my tribunal. That seems to be the norm. I had the impression that the judge and the doctor both knew about my case, and the Doctor asked my questions that led me to believe he had looked at the LCWA report, so I was able to tell him about aspects of it that I disagreed with. I had written to them using the B&W guides, and told them about various events with the DWP, as well as what I thought the outcome of my claim should have been. I felt a bit cheeky doing that, but they never mentioned it. My overall impression was that they knew all the details of the case before I got there. The legal man was really nice. They'll do all the talking at the outset, so you just listen, and don't give them any information they can use against you. Good luck!

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Re:Appeal advice please 10 years 4 months ago #19855

  • kathy1
Hi Loose Cannon,

Again, thanks re the amount of paperwork. i dont want to be walking in there looking like educated evans, but I know that it will be necessary to have all with me just in case i need to refer back.

I really want to try and answer their questions just as they come and they will see ( I know they will) that I am telling the truth.

But at the beginning, i or my husband, whichever one has the opportunity is going to ask their opinion on the EMP report compared to my medical evidence, especially that from a consultant. Because I have already written to ask them to deem it unfit, i want to know if they have from the start.

I will let you all know how I get on, and many thanks for your input.

Kathy x

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