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TOPIC: Pathways Question WFHRA

Pathways Question WFHRA 9 years 11 months ago #20834

  • PauH
Claimed ESA Put in work related group
I have been sent to a private company from Pathways and asked if I would like to go on a course to gain experience it was also explained to me that the provider does get a government grant if I find work by agreeing to go on the course.

I already have qualifications that cover me for the type of work they have set for me to do.

The question is do I have to go on this course just to bolster their profits this is a Registered Charity all be it a small one. Would I lose my benefits if I did not go on it and is it compulsory as I am still going to this private company to test my knowledge on computers even though I have Glaucoma and Prostate problems so I can t see properly and cant sit down for long with using a toilet.

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Re:Pathways Question WFHRA 9 years 11 months ago #20851


If it is part of your action plan it is possible for a personal advisor to decide that only that activity counts as a work-related activity. But they would need to inform you of this and of the possibility of your benefit being sanctioned.

There's more about how sanctions work in our guide to understanding ESA.


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