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second esa medical

12 years 1 month ago #22750 by Jellybean
second esa medical was created by Jellybean
Hi Everybody
It has been a long time since I Posted anything but I have kept intouch on line to find out what is happing I read the other that from the 19th of July the DWP stated that they are suspending second ESA medical assesment interviews so when I
recived a letter in the post to day informing me I am required to attend one on the 20th of July I thought it was a mistake I rang ATOS NO joy from them they new nothing so I THAN RANG DWP again they were not aware of any changes so I thought I ask is anyone else aware of this?
Regard Jellybean
12 years 1 month ago #22798 by Steve Donnison
Replied by Steve Donnison on topic Re:second esa medical
Hi Geraldine,

As ever, the DWP have not been clear about how things work. Presumably, from what has happened to you, we have to assume that no new second medicals (WFHRAs) will be arranged once we reach 19th July.

Good luck,


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12 years 2 weeks ago #24626 by MAGGIE
Replied by MAGGIE on topic Re: second esa medical
Hi Jellybean, I am in the same position as yourself, and have received a letter stating I have to attend a second medical as I have been placed in work focused group and not the support group, was wondering if you had to attend as like yourself I thought these had been suspended. Any help or info would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
12 years 2 weeks ago #24695 by Jellybean
Replied by Jellybean on topic Re:second esa medical
Hi Maggie
Yes I did have to attend I saw a lady nurse I think it was very straight forward I did not have to wait very long I got the feeling she was just going through the motions as they say I was in and out very quick please dont worry just be your self put your point across about how you feel and the affect it has not only on you but your whole life good luck let me know how you get on cheers Jellybean
12 years 2 weeks ago #24740 by MAGGIE
Replied by MAGGIE on topic Re:second esa medical
Thanks Jellybean I am probably getting worked up for nothing, thanks for taking time to explain how it went, I will let you know.
12 years 1 week ago #25482 by MAGGIE
Replied by MAGGIE on topic Re:second esa medical
Hi Jellybean Yes you were right, I saw a lady nurse, and it wasnt as bad or as stressfull as I was expecting,received copy of the report within days. Not sure what happens now as have had all pathways to work whilst waiting for appeal. Do you know whether I will hear from DWP now or what may happen?. Many thanks for support
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