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Re:ESA Activity 14 - Memory and Concentration 10 years 2 months ago #24041

Thanks for your response Maggie, and well done for passing one of the most difficult tests ever created.

I included three pages of typed A4 with my ESA50 in note form, detailing my health problems, how they affect my day, and the frequency and variation, as suggested in the Guide. It does make me wonder if the size of the 'Use this space to tell us more' boxes on the ESA50 are designed to discourage you from giving enough information that could be adequate to pass the test.

Like you, I had difficulty deciding what boxes to tick. The form effectively asks if you remember to do things when someone reminds you. Strictly speaking, if someone reminds you, it is them that remembered, not you. If being reminded by someone else counts as remembering, I cannot imagine a situation where you cannot remember when someone reminds you.

I would be interested to know if you were asked at the medical if you filled in the form yourself and what you said.

At my IB medical when I was uninformed and clueless about how the system works, I made the mistake (amongst many others) of telling the Registered Nurse that I filled in my own IB50 form. This was noted in the medical report and used as evidence against me on appeal, to suggest that I can cope with pressure and not give up on tasks, the PCA equivalent to Activity 16.

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Re:ESA Activity 14 - Memory and Concentration 10 years 1 month ago #24172

Hello Derek
I hope my earlier post was of some help to you. My extra information for the ESA50 ran to 16 typed pages (thanks to the B&W guides)& at the end of it stated: "Because of my CFS and multi joint and muscle pain and poor concentration and memory which have been made even worse by my depression, even on my best days I am unable to sit and use a computer keyboard for longer than 10 to 15 minutes and no more than 3 times a day at the most.
I have filled in the sections on the ESA50 10/09 Questionnaire myself and have dictated the detailed information for the relevant boxes to my daughter who has typed these pages for me. I have then read and checked these pages for the accuracy of the information."

I wasn't asked at the medical about who had completed the form & extra info which indicates that at least the ATOS doctor had read the papers.

David makes a good point about adding information about you living alone etc. I would also suggest you include how long it took you to complete the form. Even with the help of my daughter it took me all the weeks from receiving the ESA50 up to 2 days before it had to be returned doing a little bit every day - anything between 5 mins on a bad day up to maybe 15 mins 2/3 day on my best days.
I do wish you well

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Re:ESA Activity 14 - Memory and Concentration 10 years 1 month ago #24198

Thanks David, and Maggie for your input.

I actually sent the form before starting this thread and needed to send it next day delivery, and was mainly questioning how the law should be interpreted. As ESA is a new benefit and there are no clear case law definitions of what is required, I may score either 6 or 9 points for this activity.

I gave detailed information, as you suggested David, about the help I get when a friend is round and compared it to when I am on my own.

I got my friend to fill out the form this time. I mentioned the length of time it took me to address the ESA50, which refers to Activity 16. I think Maggie, it was very sensible of you to detail exactly how much time you are able to spend on a computer to avoid any assumptions being made.

Last time at my medical I said that I spend two to three hours on the computer at a time but have a very low level of concentration (the Doctor didn't hear anything after the word 'but'). At least this time I have given enough detailed information in writing. Unless you record a medical to prevent such mistakes from happening, what you put in writing is most credible.

I'm still struggling to imagine an ATOS Doctor sitting at his or her desk reading 16 pages of a claimant’s evidence before the medical. When the IB to ESA migration takes place and ATOS have to assess 10,000 claimants a week, I hope this Doctor won't hold everybody up. :laugh:

Thanks once again to everybody who responded to this thread.


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