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SDA 9 years 6 months ago #24154

I have recently completed and received my renewal of SDA. I am now entitled to the allowance until 2013. I received the letter confirming this dated 2nd July. I did not have to have a medical.

Yesterday I received a letter from Medical Services telling me I had to go for a medical for my claim for SDA. Has anyone heard of this, being told you meet the criteria (by the way it is the first time in 10 years I have not had to have a medical)then being told 2 weeks later that you have to go for a medical.

When I queried the Medical Services letter with the Jobcentre Plus team I have been told by one person (have his name) that it had been a mistake, then told by him that the person I spoke to previously and had been cut off from has told him that I am being given the medical for Incapacity Benefit (I don't get this benefit and have never received it due to not paying enough NI contributions while abroad with my soldier husband). They tell me I need the medical to continue receiving NI credits as I don't get these with SDA only Incapacity Benefit, if this is the case, why on the form does it list all the benefits including one just for NI Contributions? Can anyone help who has been in the same situation. I would have thought if I had been granted the SDA then that was the end of it (I had all the information read out to me confirming this and it made no reference to my needing a medical)while being told the letter from MS was a mistake. I said to the operator does that mean I need to have a medical for Incapacity Benefit which I don't get, SDA and for DLA which I have now received a renewal form for, totalling possibly 3, yes he replied...what a complete waste of public money! :(

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Re:SDA 9 years 6 months ago #24158

i receive SDA and have found my original award. I also did a pension forcast yesterday and it told me that my SDA has given me the credits for my pension since 1997.
I can find no renewal date info. whatsoever on any of my paperwork. The original award just says on the rear under criteria that I get it due to HRC.
i also am becoming more and more worried as it seemed from reading around that the few on SDA would be assessed for ESA towards the end of the migration :(
What was the length of your DLA award ?

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Re:SDA 9 years 5 months ago #24474

My DLA award was for only two years which is up in November. I get these forms every two years so did expect to receive it. I'm more worried about the SDA as the Jobcentre Plus people are still insisting I do not need a medical for incapacity benefit but for SDA yet it clearly states on the letter that to continue to receive payments of benefits or to be awarded NI contributions you must meet a threshold of incapacity under the PCA. Still doesn't make sense to me!

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Re:SDA 9 years 5 months ago #24705

Have now received a letter from Jobcentre Plus telling me that I should have been sent for a medical but that it was an administrative error! Will go for the medical but what a complete waste of time!

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Re:SDA 9 years 4 months ago #26619

I recently posted about going for a medical for SDA. I went for the medical to be told by the doctor 'Why are you here?' Explained my situation and she did the examination but told her I didn't think anyone believed I was ill. She said she believed me.

That was on 16th August, I don't know if I have passed because I've not heard from the DWP but I have had two payments gone into my account since. Just wanted to let you all know. Fingers crossed it is ok

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