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Re-claim 10 years 1 month ago #24290

Hello everyone,
I was awarded a DLA High rate for Personal Care and High Rate for Mobility starting 25th May 2007 but because of a delay of almost going to appeal and further un-asked for information was sent in from me, from my Neuro surgeon with my diagnosis. I did not receive anything till mid August 2007 and the claim was for 4 years.

It was very welcome as I had been applying for at least for years before every year.

However, I am now in my last year as it runs out in May 2011, which brings me to my reason for adding a new thread and if any one can offer any previous experience on the matter.

My Blue Badge expires on 11th September 2010, in just a few weeks. I had rang my issuing Kent County Council and they will only issue a new Blue Badge if you have at least 18 months left on your DLA claim.
I rang the DLA to ask them what should I do and they replied 'I will have to claim under a change of circumstances' It may be circumstances to the Mobility Blue Badge, but not with my disability. My disability will not improve and will get worse with age. I have Cervical Spinal Stenosis with Myelopathy, Thoracic Stenosis and Lumbar Stenosis which causes extreme pain and disfucntion more and sometimes even more pain eveywhere in my neck, torso, arms and legs.
I also suffer from Sacroiliac joint pain which is dreadful pain and very immobilising.
My Mobility Car will be returned at the end of November 2010 because the three years lease will be up. As I have already mentioned, my DLA does not run out till May 2011. So I will have no Motobility transport for 6 months albeit during the winter months when I am always at my worst. My disablity is a form of Arthritis and I will be car-less for 6 months.
However, they have now sent me a whole new claim pack as if I am starting from scratch again. As I have never had a repeat claim ever, is this usual?
I thought I had read on this site that people are getting 'short forms' instead to fill out, so why have I got a whole pack that consists all those booklets.
Incidently on the letter page 4 of 5 It has boxes to either or tick saying 'What do you want us to look at again?'
BOX - The Part of the allowance for help with getting around - I only need to fill in section 1 and help with getting around part 2.
BOX - The Part of the allowance for help with personal care fill in section 1 and 'help with personal care section 2
BOX - Something else. Tell them again why I want them to look at my claim again.

So, does it mean I only fill out my reasons - Blue Badge and need at least 18 months on the claim to get one.
Or does it mean I apply all over again.
I am very confused and they expect us to know what thy mean, by sending contradictory information for the questions they want answered.
Any advice would be most helpful if any one has had this experience. Perhaps its not an experience and I am just completely so in a state about it. Please help. Many Thanks

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Re:Re-claim 10 years 1 month ago #24302

Re the Blue Badge, I have a spare Kent county form here and just checked it, you do not have to say the length of the award, just tick the box that says you receive HRM and send a photocopy of proof of that award, it suggests a copy of your VED exemption or even a photocopy showing your last benefit increase sent out yearly, anything that gives your name etc on it...Don't panic you can get your new badge with no problem :)
Just phone up and request a Blue Badge Renewal form
it says that the proof document must not be more than 18months old...you have the proof so use as evidence and don't muddy the waters panicing about your dla running out next year. :laugh:

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