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New 4pg renewel form - Beware

11 years 11 months ago #25283 by nutsella
New 4pg renewel form - Beware was created by nutsella
I would like to share my experience regarding the new 4pg renewel claim form. I received my renewel form at the begining of June, i was quite surprised at how small the form was with them just asking for you to tick and sign a few boxes. i phoned their help line, i asked what else did i need to do, the dla replied nothing. I asked did they take information from my previous claim form in which they replied yes. Silly me thought, i thoroughly filled out my claim forms 2yrs ago so all should be fine and so only enclosed a letter form my carer.

I only came across this website a few weeks ago, by accident when i was looking through the internet for any advice on how to deal with the ATOS medical examiner who was paying me a visit last week. The questions he asked were the same questions from the old dla claims form, but he didn't seem to know anything about me and what my illness or my disability was. Which i thought was odd as i thought they were given an outline of what was wrong with me.

I was reading the forum the other night and came across information regarding the new 4pg renewel claim form and that it was not a positve move on behalf of the government and that previous claim forms were disposed/shreddered after 18 months. I was shocked at this and thought what informtion do they have and how can i expect to receive a positive response if they don't have any written information on how poorly i am. i phoned the dla this morning, only to be told they do not have my old claim form and their decision is based purley on the information received from my doctor and the report they will receive from ATOS. i was gutted Dla could not even tell me if they had received the letter sent in by my carer, so i asked if it was too late to send in any additional information to help with my claim, which she said i could as a final decision had not been made. My sister typed up additional information and sent it registered post today, which is guaranteed to get there tomorrow. Fingers crossed

i can't believe how naive and foolish i've been. That i actually thought a few pages in a claim form would be sufficient information, i'm so disappointed in myself i feel i have blown my renewel claim for sure.

I think if i had found this website earlier i would not have been so silly to make such an obvious bobo. i would like to warn any other renewel claiments, please give as much information as you can, because if you are like me your doctor does not know the full extent of your care needs.

P.S Sorry that the post is so long i'm knew at this. x

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11 years 11 months ago #25300 by choogle
Replied by choogle on topic Re:New 4pg renewel form - Beware
I was speaking to a Welfare Rights Officer a few weeks ago, and he told me that many people that have previously been exempt from the PCA haven't really been keeping their doctors informed about how their condition(s) affect them. Therefore,if the doctors are asked questions by ATOS or DWP then there isn't really much they can tell them. this is obviously affecting how claims are dealt with.

I specifically made a point of going to my own GP last week with some notes that I've been trying to piece together about how various things affect me. She said it was good to have these notes as otherwise they wouldn't really be aware of things.

For example, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis years ago but it's not something I've ever really discussed much since. However, the combination of diverticulitis and diabetes can often make many days/journeys uncomfortable, and sometimes going to the toilet or knowing that I will need to be going soon are common descriptors of my everyday life. Rather sad that I find myself discussing toiletting needs here, but it's a valid example.

Basically, the gist of what I'm getting at here is that many people won't know how the system works and the government will be able to play on this ignorance when re-assessments are taking place. Tis the way it's always been I'm afraid.

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