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DLA Medical?

  • burntchicken
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12 years 1 week ago #25394 by burntchicken
DLA Medical? was created by burntchicken

My son was recently awarded the ESA Support Group benefit for suffering a severe mental illness.

I applied for DLA benefit at the same time as applying for the ESA. However, I got a phone call from the DLA today, saying they 'might arrange for us to have an interview over the next few days', to see if he is entitled to DLA.

He only just had the Atos ESA medical a few weeks ago, surely they wouldnt want him to go through another medical?

Does anyone know what this could be about or what will happen? The woman on the phone didnt give away much. She just wanted to know if I was his 'appointed trustee.'

He said he is not going back to the Atos building, will they be able to visit the house?

12 years 1 week ago #25412 by Jeff1
Replied by Jeff1 on topic Re: DLA Medical?
Hi, DLA is different from ESA/IB with different criteria to meet. Usually DLA medicals are carried out at your home unlike ESA for which you have to attend their medical centres. Look in the Members section for DLA 70 questions you are likely to be asked at a DLA medical.Just gather as much medical evidence as possible from GP Consultants etc. Best Wishes
  • Heather Anson
12 years 6 days ago #25437 by Heather Anson
Replied by Heather Anson on topic Re: DLA Medical?
I attend an Atos Medical 5th August 2010. The examiner really have any eye contact with you. She already had my disabilities on the DWP form already. The Lady I had was quite nice. She asked how I travelled to the venue. What was my main disabilities. What other health problems do I have. Medication, if i have any reaction to the medication. Do I need help during the day, if so what. You can look on this wedsite about the questions asked. She more or less asked most of the question. She hardly had any eye contact with me when she asked the questions. I told her I had another appointment. she said it would only take 30 mins it took over 1hr 15mins. She finished the examination with a short medical examiinations. Some of the things she request me to do I refused as it would make my back worse. For back problems she asked me to touch my toes, lift my legs to my knee,lift my hands above my head. TTake my legs out to the side. It all depends on what your condition is. At the end of it all she "Good Luck".
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