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New health problems -worth notifying DWP?

11 years 11 months ago #25491 by Nireus
I have IB until July 2012 and DLA (HRM and LRC) till August 2012.

Since my last DLA award was made a year ago, my GP has diagnosed restless leg syndrome, for which I've been prescribed amitriptyline at night. He's also diagnosed arthritis in my right hand. (Allergic dermatitis on my hands too, but that might go away, hopefully.) These new conditions impact on my daily life and increase my need for help.

Is it worth mentioning this to the DWP? I generally like to keep a low profile, unless I'm summoned to see them, but wondered if it would be worth mentioning re my DLA, just so they know my overall health is worsening..........? :(

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11 years 11 months ago #25495 by Jeff1
Hi Nieruss, You need face to face advice from a qualified welfare rights officer if you do ask the DWP to look at your awards of DLA you could end up with a reduced rate or loosing it altogether. Please get advice they will be able to through all your medical problems etc in detail. Best Wishes

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