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D-day looms as well - Mum knows best

  • Rachel
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12 years 5 days ago #25549 by Rachel
Replied by Rachel on topic Re:D-day looms as well - Mum knows best
tilly wrote:

Hi, If you have incontinence regularly - would you not automatically go into the support group?
It seems amazing that they think you will be improved in 6 months!

I was determined during the medical to mention incontinence. The doctor Herumphed and glossed over it in the medical, and did similarly in the report.

I had two conclusions to that: he was embarassed? My neurologists were very uncomfortable when they asked and I confirmed that this happened. I did know this was an exemptor, may it is something that people use frequently?

I know that it is difficult for an ATOS medic to obtain evidence. He did ask me if I used a "plug" (I don't, but I don't go away from my bathrooom at critical times) However, it is a common symptom of PPMS. I can't think of a way around this one.

Whoops, just noticed there's a programme on the radio about ATOS, not having an accident!! Radio 4 Thursday at 8pm
  • Rachel
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12 years 5 days ago #25554 by Rachel
Replied by Rachel on topic Re: D-day looms as well - Mum knows best
Dave wrote:

rachel my gut feeling is the way the scale reads and the way it looks against guides for IB ect ( i know there is no connection) a 7 or 7.5 would be needed to get the other group

as for untreatable thats true but the unknown factor is speed of degenerating and everyones different and dwp staff dont guess (though it looks like it at times)

I am struggling. It may be worth a trip to my original neuro registrar who did all the investigations. The senior who signed the report was simply rubber stamping the diagnosis. The registrar would give an report reflecting my current state.

Don't think I would want to ask my current specialist. He's difficult.

However this depends on what my advisor has in mind. Don't think I can stand many more years of this.... Its already taken 7 years....

They should factor in time for grieving. That's what hasn't been allowed to happen. Sometimes you need to grieve for the person who has mutated into this awkward thing who walks very strangely and stares at the ground.

thanksfor all your suggestions.
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