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DWP draft structural reform plan

12 years 6 days ago - 12 years 6 days ago #25518 by sjr
Has anyone else seen this document? It gives the timetable to reform the benefits and on Page 10 it states legislate to reform the gateway to DLA.Jan 2011-Nov2011. I don't think the new medical tests are all we have to worry about. It seems to me if they have their way all benefits will be means tested or time limited and very hard to claim. Think people need to start a campaign now as I'm sure it will effect a lot of people and I know it will all effect my life greatly.

The document can be accessed HERE.
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12 years 6 days ago #25522 by Timewarp
Replied by Timewarp on topic Re:DWP draft structural reform plan
from the link :

recognise work as the primary sustainable route out of poverty

A one-liner which pretty well exposes their own mentality when it comes to others lower down the wealth scale than themselves -- there's mention of "work" but no mention of "pay".
Odd how despite all their foreign junkets study-trips, these "experts" never seem to have noticed that low wages can actually sustain... poverty.
12 years 6 days ago #25538 by mistynow
Replied by mistynow on topic Re:DWP draft structural reform plan
Parts of section 5 worry me.

Start trial of ‘Right to Control’
Extension of Disability Living Allowance Higher Rate Mobility Component
Dec 2010-Apr 2011

Its super that those with severe sight impairments will now get the Mobility component but I wonder where the funding will come from.

Reform the gateway to Disability Living Allowance (DLA) ensuring fair access to benefits
i. Legislate to reform the gateway to DLA through the Welfare Reform Bill
ii. Introduce an independent objective assessment for DLA

Now what is 'fair access' ? methinks they have DLA set firmly in their sights for partial abolishment, possibly the care components funding given to the dreaded SS
  • originaldave
12 years 6 days ago #25550 by originaldave
Replied by originaldave on topic Re:DWP draft structural reform plan
misty with regards dla and blind getting higher rate the new rules have been laid down by parliment as ..........
The information regarding who will be eligible is covered in the Regulations.

Someone will be taken as having a "severe visual impairment" and eligible if they have been certified as severely visually impaired by a consultant ophthalmologist AND have a visual acuity of less than 3/60 OR if they have a visual acuity of 3/60 or more, but less than 6/60, a complete loss of peripheral field and a central visual field restricted to no more than 10 degrees in total. These two routes to entitlement encompass all those people who come within the following categories of sight impairment:

•no perception of light
•perception of light only
•perception of hand movement
•a visual acuity of 3/60 with a total or extensive loss of field.
We know that the vast majority of people with sight loss experience varying levels of mobility difficulties. Currently the higher rate mobility component of DLA is targeted at those with most severe physical, mental health and learning difficulties. Similarly, when the Government extends the higher rate to people with sight loss, it will be focused on those with the most severe visual impairment

full text here


if no MP disagrees they become law in 40 days time

i know abit about sight ;-)and think the numbers getting the higher rate will be about half the people who now get the lower rate DLA

i also can think of a few blind people who get higher rate mobility now who if they tried to get care added could end up on lower lower if they asked for a review
  • Rosered
12 years 6 days ago #25556 by Rosered
Replied by Rosered on topic Re:DWP draft structural reform plan
I did find odd the statement in the draft report which said "reduce the number of children in workless households".

How do they propose to do that - take the children into care or encourage poor people to use more birth control.

Or is this another way of saying that the parents in workless households will now be required to work to set an example to the children.

Heaven knows where all the jobs will be coming from for all the out of work people.

Perhaps everyone will have to work part time to ensure everyone can comply with at least 20 hours of work a week.
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