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So am I on IB -- or IS? 10 years 2 weeks ago #26427

  • KittyKat
I was already a single parent, not working and claiming Income Support when I became sick and ultimately disabled after the birth of my youngest child nearly 14 years ago. When I was awarded DLA at middle rate care, low rate mobility, some premiums were added on to my Income Support. That is how it has been ever since. To my knowledge, I have never been on Incapacity Benefit. However, I was told recently at one of those 'you've got to come in for an interview or we'll stop your benefits' meetings that I will shortly be being assessed for transfer to ESA! I did say I am on Income Support and qualify because my 13 year old son is disabled ... therefore I would not be required to work, but the woman insisted I am 'only in receipt of Income Support because you haven't got enough stamps to get Incapacity Benefit'! Does anyone know what this is all about, please? Also, I've recently applied to DLA to look at my claim again as I now also have unstable angina and can't walk further than about 20 yards without getting breathless. Will this affect whether I get ESA or not?

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Re:So am I on IB -- or IS? 10 years 2 weeks ago #26433

Hi KittyKat

I moved this thread to the questions, problems & results forum as it is a benefit question.

Before ESA, people who are not well enough to work, but do not qualify for Incapacity Benefit through lack of NI contributions would get Income Support due to sickness, usually the same amount. I think both Incapacity Benefit and Income Support are being phased out so that all claimants will be moved onto ESA.

The ESA guides in the members' area explain what's required to qualify for ESA. Difficulty walking more than 20 yards does make it very likely that you will qualify for ESA.

Hope this is helpful


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